An Ounce of Prevention….

“…A school administrative unit, including the unorganized territories, shall establish and maintain a maintenance and capital improvement program for all school facilities…”


The following documents, prepared by Ames Associates, prioritize RSU 50s facilities maintenance schedule according to “critical” deficiencies, (2015-2016) “serious” (2017-2020) and “minor” (2021+):

Building deficiencies RSU 50 Katahdin Elementary School

Building deficiencies RSU 50 Katahdin Middle and High School

Building deficiencies RSU 50 Southern Aroostook Community School

In summary:

  • CD = “Critical deficiencies” (2015-2016)
  • SD = “Serious deficiencies” (2017-2020)
  • MD = “Minor deficiencies” (2021+)

Katahdin Elementary School:

  • CD = $26,600
  • SD = $1,309,165
  • MD = $614,680
  • TOTAL = 1,950,445

Katahdin Middle and High School:

  • CD = $404,490
  • SD = $1,525,640
  • MD = $392,010
  • TOTAL = 2,322,140

Southern Aroostook Community School:

  • CD = $1,198,000
  • SD = $2,738,390
  • MD = $887,600
  • TOTAL = 4,823,990
    ”  We will be consolidated somewhere…” “Grades 7-12 SACS, bottom line…” ~Chairman Greg Ryan
    Parents continue to seek other options for their children, and enrollment will likely decline; communities will continue to withdraw either to lessen their costs or transfer their dollars to another district altogether – all for reasons obvious to everyone but the Board.
    Please help them choose wisely.

5 responses to “An Ounce of Prevention….

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  2. Pro-consolidation people are making decisions based on “Money”, they are what I like to call “GREEDY”. I like to make decisions based on morals, ethics and values, not a god forsaken dollar bill. Losing our school is an absolutely unnecessary measure. People have to get to the November 9th meeting and speak out!


    • That they are. It IS all about money but not saving it – shifting it from one place to the other.

      Communities shouldering the costs will not see a dime of savings.

      People have been burned time and again by this and still believe the tripe from Superintendents school closing script?


    • People need to understand they will get no savings from this scheme; even the chairman of the Board said they are “throwing our (Katahdins) children under the bus because SACS is closer to Region 2. They are creating winners and losers.


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