The Accidental Author

il_170x135.352935919_954aAnonymous | October 17, 2015 at 2:44 pm | Reply | Edit

From the comments section, a community member who did not intend to join the author roll, but belongs there:

The Superintendent must believe that parents will all send their kids to SACS.

I think a better education is definitely needed, but not by sending our kids way over there. I don’t think people have anything against people on either side of the district, it has to do with keeping our school in our community.

If the schools are gone at Katahdin, why would anyone in their right mind move here with kids. It hurts our kids and our communities.

Why should we have to pay taxes to a school that takes from our community. The whole idea that more can be offered is a big lie.

Had the board and the other supt been honest with their intentions in the first place, you wouldn’t have so much discussion.

I don’t believe you want to hear anything that isn’t in line with your consolidation idea. The reason people do not attend board meetings is they do not feel listened to.

Closing Katahdin will hurt our kids and community bottom line.

2 responses to “The Accidental Author

  1. You are right, this issue IS about our community and our communities should be putting our kid’s education first and fighting to keep our school open, taxes will always be high and we all know that just because they move Katahdin to SACS does not mean we will see a decrease in taxes!!!!!
    My parents paid taxes 40 years ago in Sherman so that I could receive my education in my community school. Yes, we have lost large tax payers over the years, but life goes on and we have a responsibility as taxpayers and we need to uphold that and fight because that is the only way. If we don’t fight, they don’t listen. People, please contact your board members from your respective towns and ask them how they are representing you and your town.


    • You are absolutely right.

      My concern is that the ballot will tell voters they will save $600k or so if they close the school.

      That figure comes from a State formula that does not include many costs of consolidation or any of the renovations planned for SACS. Voters will never see a dime of savings but what a misleading ballot!

      Small schools are more cost effective than consolidated ones if run properly.

      Who would believe that this Board to be better stewards of taxpayer dollars than their communities? After trying and failing to control spending priorities and cut waste.

      It will only get worse.

      The RSU withdrawal hasn’t proceeded past the petitions.

      I agree. Reaching out to School Board AND Town officials is paramount to ensuring community wishes are being honored.

      …and don’t let them pull the old “.. people are saying they want the school closed and want to stay in the RSU!”

      If that is true it will come out in the process.

      People who signed those petitions are not imaginary.


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