“Off The Table”? ..or “Under The Bus”?

Research; reality often flies in the face of our assumptions. We hope communities facing the loss of their infrastructure money and children will question everything…


“Busing is expensive and affects students and their families in many negative ways. An alternate, beneficial strategy for using an existing large building is to reconfigure the grade span in the facility to include students from kindergarten through 12th grade. In rural areas, drawing students from a wider age range will increase the pool, narrow the geographic area in which they live, and cut their transportation time to and from school. In any area, there are many social and pedagogical benefits to bringing students of all ages together, as well as benefits from making the school more accessible to the community. The best SWaS will serve elementary, middle, and high school students within the same facility….”  Dollars and Sense

” I truly do not believe the combination of KES and KMHS is a viable option and would venture to say it was taken off the table. ” -RSU 50 Interim Superintendent Mike Hammer

4 responses to ““Off The Table”? ..or “Under The Bus”?

  1. Katahdin kids thrown under the bus. Hmmm not going to put my kids on a bus for that long of a ride.


  2. atimberedchoir, can you start an organization, a rally, for the next meeting? We need someone to organize everything. A leader. It cant just be done on this site. Community buildings, public forums, papers, ect. Please help. No one wants to lose their high school. The community would defeat this if it had a vote or say in the matter.

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    • I’m sorry it took me so long to answer you. The truth of the matter is a little embarrassing but here it is.

      I have tried to channel the anger people widely and understandably feel into just such a show of resolve either at meetings, in private conversations with Board members and in the Press. I put flyers up making it clear that without a fight communities will not get their school back.

      (sigh) I am the worst leader/rabble -rouser ever.

      The good news is that if people want to regain control of their schools children and money and make a decision to go for it they do not need a leader anyway. Write to the newspaper, contact your representatives, ask the withdrawal committee what you can do to help with that effort and tell your Board members exactly what you want.

      As a resident of Benedicta, the decision to keep or close Katahdin does not belong to me. I do have quite a bit of experience with this issue and have tried to share that with neighbors so they can make an informed decision.


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