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Best Maine High Schools

77465743 - starFor the Superintendent and Board of RSU #50, a list of the best high schools in Maine.

Small size is an advantage for policymakers with the expertise and the will to leverge it.

Stop using “declining enrollment” as an excuse for a poor quality education and start emulating the strategies of the best high schools in the state, many of which are small.

Stop wasting taxpayers’ dollars and whining to the people who gave you those dollars that “there is no money”.

Just… Stop it….

Teacher: Do You Want a Monsanto Education or an Artisanal Education? | Diane Ravitch’s blog

Many of our readers share our exasperation with the prioritization of technology For precious education dollars….

Teacher: Do You Want a #Monsanto Education or an Artisanal Education? via @DianeRavitch 

“A reader who signs as “New York State Teacher” wonders why classrooms should be compelled to use more technology than they need. Why the push to put every student on a tablet and to buy online curriculum and online tests? Is there a comparison, the teacher wonders, between authentic education and “slow foods,” “organic foods,” “artisanal foods,” and the effort to maintain a classroom where teachers make decisions? Why are corporations pushing mass-produced lessons into public schools, but not into the elite schools attended by the children of the 1%? I recall a prediction by Forbes’ technology editor in the 1980s (sourced in my book “Reign of Error”) that in the future, the children of the poor will get computers and the children of the rich will get teachers.”