March School Board Meeting (“Yes, I said “SURPLUS””)

squirrelDon’t forget that the March school board meeting is coming right up!! (I wish they would put them on the alert now phone messages, we may get better turn outs!) The meeting is on March 9, at SACHS @ 6;30.

Its really important to try and attend, despite the frigid weather!  These are the meetings that will count, decisions will be made as to what happens to our school and our children this fall…..They will start voting!!!! That has been on the past agendas….It won’t just go away!

Now we are armed with an extensive amount of knowledge, such as, the “task force” report, The “Ames co. facility report”, the “audit report”, we know facts that are pertinent to us all being involved and having a say in what happens to our own!

It may not be “comfortable” to demand answers, but after poor decisions are made its too late! Our schools are worthy of the work necessary to deem them a well maintained, safe environment for our children… Why didn’t the board use the “SURPLUS”, yes, I said, “SURPLUS” money we had in the budget to do these repairs last year??? Its in black and white, we had money to do repairs, but failed to do so!  Who did that benefit? Our kids, our school, our community? I think not, it just choked us out a little more… WE are far from throwing in the towel, there has been an enormous support in withdrawing from the district. Promises were made in 2011, that just haven’t been kept!! Have we really saved all the money they said we would,NO!!!

One ant can’t move a mountain, but this colony can!!! We have a say!!!  I’m not anti school board, I’m pro whats right for “OUR KIDS, OUR SCHOOL, OUR MONEY”

Please spread the word about the upcoming meeting, everyone of us can make a difference!!!

We want to know what YOU think! Post a comment

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