Which Way To The Ballot Box?


If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it – Mark Twain

But it does AND they do… Well, supposedly.

Voters who signed petitions to withdraw from RSU 50 did so, among other reasons, to prevent the District from taking their school away. (Other reasons cited: keep the District from taking programming, children, money…. Make the District stop taking!)

While the march to close Katahdin goes on, Voters await progression to Step 2 of the Withdrawal process; a public meeting followed by a referendum to continue the process…. …. a step that Selectmen refuse to allow:

“…They (Selectmen) are not planning to hold a public meeting at this time due to our inability to obtain financial data from the Dept. of Education and/or RSU #50.”

The RSU is required to submit verifiable financial data to the State to begin the school closure process – and has done so.

Getting on with the RSU withdrawal process does not guarantee its completion by any means, but does ensure voters’ opportunity to render an informed and democratic decision.

The decision belongs to the voters.

It is well understood that Selectmen met with the Supt.; less so that this is NOT part of the process in any official way….. …and came away scared that withdrawal would cost more. If that is true, the process will illuminate that. What are the odds that regaining more control over spending will cost more?

For Withdrawal Procedures proscribed by the State click here



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