Standardized Test Scores 2015-2015

standardized-test-6Substantive criticism abounds of the Smarter Balanced Tests for which our children sat last year, and of standardized testing generally.  Opposition is growing nearly as fast as the evidence that children are not well-served by the mindset that created these strategies.

The State was, indeed wise to scrap Smarter  Balanced, and would do well to further question Education Reformers’ motives and expertise.

That said, as these tests consumed precious class time, and, many would argue, caused a narrowing of the curriculum more weighted to reading and math than ever…. Our readers should have the results to determine for themselves their value or lack of same.

MDOE Standardized Test Scores 2014-2015

For an informative piece; one Diane Ravitch has called a “must read” giving context surrounding how these tests are scored; what constitutes “proficiency” etc. click here

4 responses to “Standardized Test Scores 2015-2015

  1. Your Community needs you more than ever. A huge push to consolidate the High Schools is in effect. We can not let this happen.


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