Chasing the Proverbial Dream


Chasing the proverbial dream, isn’t that what we’ve been doing since joining
districts to form RSU 50 in 2011? It seems to me and many others, that everything we were promised just hasn’t materialized… This “smoking mirror” circus act must come to an end!!

So many people have stated that, “we regret joining the RSU, I quess it sounded too good to be true”! Now here we are several years later in a worse situation than ever! Well, we the parents, community members and concerned tax payers have had enough..

Why are a handful of people, (the board) making all of the decisions that impact our kids!! Its a new day, a time to come together and take back what is ours! We have the right to be heard and speak up for what we want….
Now we know that according to the, “Ames co” report on the condition of the buildings, KES AND KMHS are absolutely fixable!!! We want our own schools in our own district!

Now is the time to demand a solution! Tonights school board meeting will be held at KMHS at 6:30. Please make an effort to be there, numbers matter. So many people are working to ensure that the future of our students be first on “our agenda”!!
Consolidation as well as the future or our schools will be discussed, and a vote can happen at any time.

Are we going to just leave that up to the board? The talk of a new school is in my opinion ridiculous!!! We lose at least 20 students a year, live in a high poverty area and want to spend 50 MILLION $$$, at least to build a new facility!!! Seriously, we need to fix the buildings and get back to the real issue, EDUCATION!!!
Lets hope that those school board members who represent our communities stand up for our children. Then maybe, just maybe some trust will be gained back…..
In all of the research I have done, I am still convinced that consolidation does not promote a better education! Bigger is not always better! Many of our ancestors had all age groups in one room with one teacher, why did those children prosper to becoming great Drs., lawyers, scientist, musicians etc.. Because people cared about education first!!!
Lets push forward, fix the external damage NOW, don’t let the buildings be starved for another 3-4 years, then “Somewhere out there where dreams come true”, we may start to discuss educational strategies……By then, it will be too late, our kids are already slipping through the cracks!!!

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