Closure Agenda

I apologize!  It has been brought to my attention that the AGENDA was not under the text – it should be so now….image

Below please find the Agenda for the RSU 50 Board Meeting on Tuesday, October 13 @6:30pm Katahdin Elementary School.

The long looming issue of closing Katahdin will be discussed.

Many thanks to our readers who report that the Board intends to reconsider closing Katahdin should a sufficient show of community opposition appear Tuesday night.

Our readers have done exactly that, only to be told they are outvoted by the throngs of people who never attend meetings yet are demanding consolidation…. I call shenanigans.

It isn’t just the loss of educational infrastructure, but the fiscal starvation of a school that inevitably results in closure.  This RSU Board has demonstrated an unwavering unwillingness and appalling inability to provide the quality education for which taxpayers are paying.

It is up to the communities; up to you, if you want your school back; your children, your tax dollars and your schools.

AGENDA Oct. 13

3 responses to “Closure Agenda

  1. This is sad, I have served on the Medway school committee for about 16 years. Several years ago we had a Super, that said Medway would not be able to have a school due to cost. Well, at that point on, the School board took control of the budget. I’m happy to tell you that Medway still has a school, and one that is in very good financial shape and we offer children more now, then we did then. I would also like to add that during this time we put several hundred thousand dollars in building and grounds improvements, these were paid for with no borrowing. Please don’t let Administration, with no ties to the community, tell you it can’t be done. We did it and so can you.
    Greg Stanley

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    • I cannot thank you enough for this. We have been looking at cost effective, high quality small schools to show this incompetent Board that their excuses for failing to give children the sort of education we are paying for are false. You have helped immeasurably by sharing your experience.

      You are fortunate to have a Board of your own. Imagine what Medway Middle School would be if all you had was a token seat or two on a Regional Board that controlled all your town’s money? …that wanted all those resources and children in one town? That is what Katahdin has become and yes – it is sad.


    • This note to you came in under another post, and I wanted to make sure you saw it; that you would know how much people struggling with these problems appreciate your input.

      Thank you again. ~Lisa Ammerman, Timbered Classrooms Administrator

      Anonymous | October 16, 2015 at 4:03 pm | Reply | Edit
      Thank you so much, Mr. Stanley for your note of encouragement! Do you have any suggestions as to how we approach our board with the message that this can be done in RSU 50? Many citizens have expressed the wish to keep our schools open at board meetings for the past four years, but have not been heard and have been basically “dismissed.” How do we get them to listen and do their own research? People are so frustrated that they have stopped attending meetings.


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