Coming Together Is A Beginning, Keeping Together Is Progress, Working Together Is A Success ~ Henry Ford

Many thanks for Mrs. Kay’s reflections on the last Board meeting…

imageAfter pondering for several days following the RSU 50 school board meeting on Feb.9,2015 @ KES, I can only come to one conclusion, we have a great community!

People are speaking out for our kids, our schools and our $$$! A great many people represented our side of the district!

I guess its about time we all start speaking out about our own. Faith in the school board is at an all time low, questions that folks have been asking for years have fallen on deaf ears. The board are supposed to work for our communities, and especially our kids! Why is it that people always feel short changed? Maybe its time to do our own research and demand those answers.

The situation has become so serious that the towns of Sherman, Stacyville, Patten and Moro, and Mt. Chase, are all in the process of gathering signatures with the “intent” to withdraw from RSU 50. People want back control of our kids, our schools and certainly our money.

It was empowering to see our community members show up to that school board meeting with the same common interest, “our Kids”, and the future of our schools, and community!

We have been made so many promises since joining RSU 50 in 2011, but why haven’t they materialized? We no longer have any control of our own money. The focus is no longer in maintaining our own schools, but lengthy discussions about narrowing down scenarios, someday possibly fixing whats already broken and , building a new 50 MILLION DOLLAR SCHOOL!!!! WHAT??

Many members of the public are outraged to see what is clearly happening, we’ve been snowballed and have had enough!! When asked by the public, the “board” could not give any projected savings on the presented “options”!!!!! WHY? How can the board eliminate scenarios, when there are no numbers to support projected savings! Lets start those savings at the administration end!!!

One mother stated, “my children have health issues, they will not be travelling to SACHS, we will sell our home and move”!, “Or,we will just give our home away, and move!!!”

Another resident from Patten asked, “when are we going to get the buildings fixed?” The boards answer, they were going to Augusta to see what was available for money! There were many questions, demands etc. and a lot of brush off “non-answers” from the board. Not many direct answers.

Several board members, ( the ones who dare speak) seem like kids that want a new bike,(a new school), the reports that we paid to have done do not support their theory. And when told no, they shut down public comments!

After what seemed to be a short period of time, of public upset and demanding answers, chairman Greg Ryan, (who portrayed a very childish, red faced, fist clenched, rolling of the eyes and constant clock watching representation of “our” board) demanded that they would take one more question, then get on with the regular school board meeting.

Mr. John Porter (Principal) certainly saved the proverbial day, by standing up and stating, “let them have their say”…….So the public asked several more questions, which received very vague answers. However, we do appreciate Mr. Porters efforts….

Without the actual projected savings(numbers folks) that for some reason the public are not privy to, how in the world can we move on by eliminating scenarios???

Our side of the district is rich in history, has so much to offer and its at the northern entrance of BSP, without a school, who will want to move to this appealing area. No school, no interest!

In closing, perhaps Mr. Malone should take Greg Ryan to the woodshed , for a lesson in how to treat your fellow man with dignity and respect. As they say, “ONE ROTTEN APPLE CAN SPOIL THE WHOLE BARREL”!!

One response to “Coming Together Is A Beginning, Keeping Together Is Progress, Working Together Is A Success ~ Henry Ford

  1. It’s been said that public speaking is what people fear most – death came in at number 7 or 8? Some have struggled with their desire to avoid conflict versus the direction this Board is taking their children.

    I wasn’t at the meeting, but I join many in their gratitude to Principal Jon Porter who spoke in favor of allowing an uncomfortable yet necessary; good discussion to continue.

    Larry’s “woodshed” has achieved near-legendary status. …and not as a place where people are taught “dignity and respect”.

    Woodsheds are for, well, wood.

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