Experience and Wisdom


Sometimes the “comments” section isn’t enough.  We are grateful to our neighbor and Board member for sharing his experience and understanding of the issues facing RSU 50. Thank you Mr. Stanley

Greg Stanley on October 12, 2015 at 7:28 pm

This is sad, I have served on the Medway school committee for about 16 years. Several years ago we had a Super, that said Medway would not be able to have a school due to cost. Well, at that point on, the School board took control of the budget. I’m happy to tell you that Medway still has a school, and one that is in very good financial shape and we offer children more now, then we did then. I would also like to add that during this time we put several hundred thousand dollars in building and grounds improvements, these were paid for with no borrowing. Please don’t let Administration, with no ties to the community, tell you it can’t be done. We did it and so can you.

Greg Stanley

3 responses to “Experience and Wisdom

  1. Thank you so much, Mr. Stanley for your note of encouragement! Do you have any suggestions as to how we approach our board with the message that this can be done in RSU 50? Many citizens have expressed the wish to keep our schools open at board meetings for the past four years, but have not been heard and have been basically “dismissed.” How do we get them to listen and do their own research? People are so frustrated that they have stopped attending meetings.


    • Our readers appreciate Mr. Stanley’s perspective very much. I have copied and pasted your comment under his original one – depending on how he sets “notifications” he MAY be more likely to see it.

      If I may: The Medway School Committee answers to the town of Medway. They are not in an RSU. RSU 50 is a Board comprised of representatives of all the towns in 460 square miles, all fighting over one pot of money that flows between schools and towns, and all putting their oar in to row in a different direction.

      Or are they?

      Do you want to keep Katahdin open, then? Sherman’s own Board representative and now Chairman has obviously wanted to close Katahdin for some time, and is using his power to do so even as he claims “neutrality”. Claims that people from his own community want him to close it? None of these community members have been heard from publicly and Timbered Classrooms cannot confirm this. Sherman residents are entitled to know exactly what the Chairman stands for, on whose behalf he is destroying the local school and why. You cannot be “neutral” on a moving train.

      When the Medway School Committee decided to keep and invest in their school, their decision was theirs alone. Neither Millinocket, nor East Millinocket got a “vote”.

      Contrast that with a Board that permits representatives from distant communities to “vote” to close YOUR school because they want the money to invest in their own. Board members from Island Falls, who have been most aggressive, will not bear any of the costs; no longer bus rides for children, or costs heaped onto families, or loss of extracurricular opportunity……

      Enrollment will continue to decline, and, mark my words, they WILL come after Katahdin Elementary. They will claim they have no choice, and cloak it in false inevitability just as they are doing with KHS.

      Benedicta was able to keep their own elementary school open for an additional two years with far less power; no vote at all really…. You have more power than we did then.

      I wish you well in your fight to get your school back. Katahdin has tremendous potential! 150-200 is an ideal size, and some for-profit charters are smaller still.

      They are your children, your tax dollars and your schools.


      • To clarify: Only Katahdin communities “vote” in the referendum, but the ballot box will not save your school.

        The ballot will give voters a projected cost savings, as approved by the state that even the State admits does not reflect all the costs. Only one, transportation. There will be others. Taxpayers will never see those savings even when the school closes.

        The figures the Supt. is floating are somewhere in the neighborhood of $600,000. Voters will be told that if they vote to keep their school open, they will have to pay that amount IN ADDITION to their usual share.

        That money would not necessarily go to Katahdin but be put “into the pot”‘.

        Why be in an RSU that has done nothing but take take take away from Katahdin’s children and taxpayers? …and now wants more?


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