A Message From Superintendent Mike Hammer


Hello all,
Feel free to forward this to whomever you choose, staff, town managers, friends, family, or local blog sites. This is part of the communication plan for the district, in my opinion, and the more people that know about what is going on the better off we all will be.

We are continuing the meetings with town selectmen in order to get out and have people put a name with a face. Island Falls and Crystal are slated for the first week of October. At these meetings we will go over the figures that have been put together on the state templates regarding the potential savings if their is a decision to close a building. I also answer basic questions about anything related to the district. I have enjoyed getting to meet the people that are doing the difficult work on the town side of government. I also offer an invitation to have us return as we go through the year.

I am looking at bus routing software that comes at no cost from the state. It is called Transfinder. I think it will help the board answer some questions regarding transportation in the event we relocate students on either side of the district. I will keep you posted on this as we move forward. To use it effectively we need very accurate and up to date student data to make this work.

The building and grounds committee has taken a look at SACS’s basic building and systems. We are scheduled to look at KES and KMHS on October 6th. I anticipate a preliminary report at our next board meeting.

I had a terrific time at the KES open house, I admit, I couldn’t afford the calories in the cake auction, but will somehow help with fundraising for the wonderful programs going on in the school. I believe KVHS matched donations to make the auction a big success.

Chris and Peggy attended a Habits of Mind workshop in Ashland last week. This was sponsored by Central Aroostook Council for Education (CASE) and the Northern Maine Educational Consortium (NMEC) two very important organizations supporting educational initiatives in the “County”. A reminder that the Habits of Mind/Work are the fundamental skills we need our students to have, perseverance, work ethic, self regulation, and grit are what it takes to succeed in any learning endeavor.

We had an early release day on the 23rd, the elementary staff was hard at work examining student writing samples and grading expectations. The high school staff was getting into Web to school preparing student grading for reporting out to parents. Some of this work is being facilitated by our own people including one of our literacy coaches Mrs. DiMarco.

We have a full day workshop on October 9th. Eric Herlan, Drummond and Woodsum’s top special education attorney will be with the whole staff in the morning. This is an excellent opportunity to gain first hand knowledge regarding a very important part of the work we do in our schools. In the afternoon our elementary teachers will be working on their literacy class and middle/high school will continue work with data, assessment, and instructional practice.

I will be headed to Augusta tomorrow for an MSMA professional development committee. Our committee will be putting the finishing touches on the October MSMA conference. Please think of attending this conference, it is a great opportunity to meet other board members facing the same challenges we are facing and to get to know your superintendent in an informal setting.

Have a great weekend.

Mike Hammer

Interim Superintendent
RSU 50

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