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…from A Timbered Bookshelf – “Teaching the Commons” by Paul Theobald

51zQngwqtJL._SY300_“Theobald has written an impassioned, yet clear-headed defense of rural schools and rural communities… He has helped us to understand exactly why the fate of small towns is vitally important to the future of our nation… Anyone interested in American education — or, for that matter, in the nature of community — will benefit from spending a few hours in Theobald’s company.  He is a provocative and lucid social critic.”

~Osha Gray Davidson



A Timbered Bookshelf – “From Schoolhouse to Schooling System: Maine Public Education in the 20th Century” by Gordon A. Donaldson Jr. Ed.D.

“From Schoolhouse to Schooling System traces Maine’s efforts to educate its children and youth through the twentieth century. It is a story of high ambitions, changing economic fortunes, and the struggle to shape widespread community schools into a coherent system. Donaldson’s book offers a richly detailed description of the past and the lessons it serves up for the future.” ~Maine Authors Publishing


“From Schoolhouse to Schooling System: Maine Public Education in the 20th Century examines schools in six communities, Peru, Anson, Lubec, Houlton, Cumberland, and Bangor…”

“…The state’s forced consolidation of schools “was a case of 1920s-style thinking being applied to the 21st century world,” Donaldson said.  He also said the trend of grouping teachers in larger schools for the purpose of professional improvement was outdated by 1980.  “By that time, professional development and knowledge were readily available, and sending students to larger schools held no value.” he said.  “So the 2007 consolidation law made next to zero sense educationally”, Donaldson said

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