The Hammer Falls….


…on Katahdin.

CORRECTION: A requisite Public Forum on closing Katahdin will be held November 9th 5:30pm

The Regular Board Meeting will follow at 6:30 but the PUBLIC FORUM IS AT 5:30 – ISLAND FALLS MUNICIPAL BUILDING


The Regular Board Meeting will follow at ISLAND FALLS MUNICIPAL BUILDING where the Board will most likely vote to bring the hammer down on Katahdin in a more official capacity than it has done for over 3 years.

The RSU that falsely promised to save you money has instead taken your most important assets; your children …and infrastructure.

….and still has your checkbook.

It does not matter how much more efficient for taxpayers or better for kids a small scale local education is, people want the money elsewhere and for other purposes.

“‘We will save you money…’ that is the bait that trolls in the suckers. We grow old too soon; smart too late.” -The Humble Farmer

One response to “The Hammer Falls….

  1. Why does the meeting always have to be in Island Falls?!


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