A Reader Speaks….


The budget meeting and Vote will be held Thursday evening, 7pm, at Katahdin High School. 

Meanwhile, a reader called “deleted” encapsulates the sentiments of so many others.  The Board needs to read this:

We have all been saying there is too much money spent in administration in our district. However the board never seems to listen. And because we want less money spent, they seem to just have to take from the kids. What would be the incentive for a teacher to come to our district? Things are up in the air, the communication is poor, and too much bureaucracy. Teachers want to teach, not facilitate. By the time teachers are trained in some of the educational fads of the day, there will be a new fad. In the meantime kids lose. We could educate for much less, but there always seems to be an excuse, money. Well start cutting in the right areas, and I do not mean cutting anymore teachers. Hire a band and music teacher for Katahdin. That is a start.”

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