Student-Initiated Survey Results

“…If you understand each other you will be kind to each other….”

~John Steinbeck

Here, a survey, initiated by Students and generously shared with Timbered Classrooms.  We hope it helps to develop a greater understanding…..

1)  Are you a…

Student from KHS            8                     32%

Student from SACS           3                     12%

Parent                                14                      56%

*Other (please specify)     * Taxpayer

  *  Homeschooled student forced to play for   SACS due to MPA mandate

2)  How do you feel this year is going in comparison to last year?

I don’t See a Difference 20.0% 5
Things have Gotten Worse, but not too bad 32.0% 8
Things are Really Bad 36.0% 9
I Like This Year Better 12.0% 3
Other (please specify)*  1         *It’s alright.

3. In response to question two, please elaborate why you feel that way.


First year administration has a year under their belt and they are learning. It takes time for people to learn a new job with no job shadowing.

I don’t feel as if the administration, and that includes the principal, superintendent, board, etc., even really cares about the students. They just care about technology and rules. My freshmen year was perfect and I got great grades and had a fun year. Now as a senior, the experience I am having doesn’t even compare to three years ago. I hate to say it, but I hate our school now.

Disconnect between staff administration and your article said, How can there be a relationship if they don’t even know the teachers? Getting “rid” of a dedicated gym teacher/coach who was loved by students and “got” them…he related so well…

I hate the way that I dont know anyone there, everyone that was my friend last year is like a stranger

I believe we have lost some good teachers. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians for the students

No course choices for Freshman/Sophomores. Math every day has really impacted what classes are available for them to take. Not all freshman and sophomores need math everyday. Not all of them scored low on their math.


Last year things were not great and they still are not

lack of teamwork

There are a bunch of new teachers and I like my classes.

The year just started. I can’t really say much about it.

The rules are changing and the teachers treat us like we are 5. Back 4-5 years ago everything was different. I honestly still feel like I’m in middle school.


It’s ridiculous how we can’t hug fellow peers. I don’t like the fact that we can’t take the iPads home and having to stand at the end if the hallways in all honesty the teachers go a little far and some of them need to grow up

We have NHS members no names but ___initials are _ _ stirring trouble and putting the school DOWN… WHAT a shame…

Last year was better.

I feel that everything has gone wayyy more down hill. Everything Larry Malone speaks is exactly what happens.*********Every student is unhappy, teachers are, no senior privileges since kids get dismissed during cougar time, seniors having to be “examples” for everything, iPads that quite frankly **** and no one listening or caring, besides a select few. It has turned into liberal warfare. Even simple college stuff can not be done because we can’t get anything from teachers or administration that we need like stuff to send in.

There’s been no change in administration. In SACS ********* plays favorites (and least favorites) with students, is inept at dealing with harassment and bullying issue(s) within the school system, and is generally disliked by everyone. I’m not sure about Katahdin but from what I hear things are the same there. No to mention the guidance counselor, * gossips about students to teachers and to other students. Unprofessional much?

Things were in fact really bad last year, but we were unaware of what was to come. Teachers cut, and others fleeing. Katahdin is being governed by people who want to liquidate it and send it North; by people who believe that rural children have to settle for fewer options while feathering administrative nests.

Not enough options for the students. Classes should not be combined (college and general)—students can’t get the help that they need at each level. Sharing teachers between the 2 districts is absurd. How much time is spent traveling that could be put to better use? Forced reading each day is not the way to encourage kids to read—I’m thinking it may work in the opposite manner. It probably won’t bring up the school’s report card rating, either!!

I feel as if our school has become unsafe. I’m afraid to walk through the halls of our school and the school hasn’t done anything about it. Also, I feel like if I express my religion in school I will get bullied cause that’s what’s happened.

A lack of consistency and discipline. Students are not held to the same standards. Some get a pass. Common core is common crap. Just dumbing down things further with the standards based education.

I feel that the new grading is not showing the students intelligence and capabilities.

I’m hearing more negative comments about classes and the handling of student behavior

4. What is you Opinion on iPads? Better or Worse than Laptops?

“For the money?? Good question.”

“I think the ipads are different and therefore change is hard. If that is what colleges are using I feel we need to keep up.”

“Much, much worse. There are so many programs that aren’t compatible with the iPads. Also, typing on it is not fun. They were a waste of money.”

“WORSE!!!!!!! Why waste that amount of money, no one can afford to buy them at their households…”making” students do all work on them but they can’t bring them home, that makes sense….not”

“The Ipads Suck, i cant even write on them”

“IPads are worse than laptops”

“Worse than Laptops since it’s very hard to type on them. Not necessary.”

“My high school student likes iPads for fun but finds them tedious for school work. He mush prefers the laptops.”

“We should have kept the laptops”


“I think the iPads were a bad idea. It’s much more difficult to do work on.”

“I already have had two projects and a paper that I can’t print from my iPad. “So I say the iPads are worse than the laptops.”

“I hate the IPads, I can’t use them, I type slow and when teachers assign all of you work on them and you can’t bring them home doesn’t help either. Especially when you have no computer.”

“Too soon to tell”

“Worse due to the fact we can’t take them home. Reports and projects are coming up home are you supposed to do them if you can’t take them home, I know we have cougar time but other work has to be done too”

“No different”

“Worse than laptops.”

“Ten times worse. I have been bringing in my laptop to school because the iPads we can’t do half the stuff on it that we could the laptops, just the other day I had to go get three for a group project because the iPad didn’t have that accessibility. Also without keyboards for each student it sucks.”

“How can they be better when you can’t write with them? The teachers should have to type 1500 word essays on the touch keyboard and then recommend them for students. 1 keyboard per 7 students isn’t going to cut it.”

“Worse. Waste of time and money.”

“Bad idea!!! They are too fragile This was a HUGE WASTE OF MONEY!!”

“Worse! I would much rather have our laptops!”

“Worse than laptops, useless for education and a big waste of money.”

“I think that they are worse because they do not offer some applications that you can access on the laptops.”

“Worse because the kids don’t feel they can accomplish as much on them but perhaps this is a learning curve.”

5. Please List any Positive Changes That You Have Noticed This Year
answered question 25
skipped question 0

“More working together as a team”

“Administration is getting more comfortable with their jobs”

“The new teachers I have come in contact with have been pleasant but that’s about it. There really is no upside to our school right now. Sure, they gave us a break between classes which is great, but we can’t even stand by our lockers so what’s the point?”


“there is none”

“our town taxes have not gone up”

“Cougar Time allows time for homework to be done in school. I don’t think that is what the time is meant to be used for, but….”



“a new principal attempting to make some positive changes.”

“I like the RED book idea.”

“Prayer at the pole every morning”

“Break is longer, cougar time at the end of the day”


“Getting iPads and lunch later”

“Teachers in both districts finally being able to stop the bullying by the upper class children.. namely ________________ at Katahdin…”*

“Got break back”

“That I only have 183 days left in this crap hole of a school. I hope you are happy administration because I used to be a kid who enjoyed school, but now I’m counting down the hours from 8-2:20 until I can break out of that place I know as a prison. Nice to see Lana Robinson there tho she is a blessing for senior English.”


“It is better than it would have been had this administration gotten all of the faculty cuts Supt. Malone wanted. The funneling of resources from faculty, ed. techs into administration, consultants and layers of middle management is perverse.”

“None, really. Sad, but true.”


“Mrs. Robinson is teaching English”.

“Students get more involved in technology””.


6. Please list any negative changes that you are seeing this year?
answered question 25
skipped question 0

“Lack of support for schools that influence the young”


“I really hate that we are being treated like kindergartners. They gave us a break but we have to be away from the lockers. We can’t eat lunch anywhere but the cafeteria, except for meetings. We have no freedom.”

“low morale/not caring about students, bullying out of control…from reading incidents from students parents on facebook, too many new staff, why not keep good staff”

“I hate the way all the classes are and the teachers are rude. All of them.”

“students are lacking equipment in science and math classes, not enough good teachers left”

“Lack of enthusiasm for school. No incentive to go or complete work on time.”

“very limited subject choices”

“They still are not listening to the parents”

“Decreased supervision and direction from teachers.”

“The iPads make typing and printing work very difficult.”


“Where we have to stand for break, not bringing ipads home, being yelled at constantly to ‘keep moving in the halls” or the “no congregating in the halls'”

“Not being able to bring iPads home and algebra everyday”



“iPads for starters, no senior privileges, constant adult supervision (we are not babies) having to take our break at the end of the hall instead of wherever, certain kids getting special treatment and losing class choice”

“No changes in administration, the iPads are a downgrade, but not too many changes have honestly been made. I guess the plus side is that it probably couldn’t get much worse than it already is, unless they do decide to consolidate. In which case the number of homeschoolers/private schoolers will multiply rapidly.”

“I have learned, this year, that the will to starve Katahdin toward eventual closure and re-allocation of children and resources to our neighboring community must NOT be underestimated.”

“Already listed some of them above. My son hates to go to school this year. And, I hate that he hates school.”

“More hostilities Less freedom of speech The iPads aren’t able to come home”

“iPad’s, losing snacks in the morning, low expectations, etc.”

“The students grades dropping and not liking the teachers because they are all new and just out of college.”


7. What is your opinion on our school Administration (Principal, Superintendent, Guidance Counselors, etc.)?
answered question 25
skipped question 0

Doing the best with what is provided to them.

I think our administration has our students best interest at heart even though everyone does not agree with their decisions. They have more students than just mine to think about

I think the school administration is so corrupted it makes me sick. The principal * doesn’t listen to her students. The superintendent *needs to learn his place; he is below the school board, not the other way around. And the school board members, except a few, need to stop kissing the superintendent’s butt and get minds of their own.

horrible…out to save a buck not there for best interests of the students, but you buy ipad…ok that makes sense

The old superintentendent knew the kids that go to school, the new one thinks he know us and speaks for us but doesn’t listen to what the kids really want

I wold like to see a better principal AND superintendant

They could be more open-minded and really listen to concerns instead of just hearing concerns.

not very high

The principal needs to start listening to parents, teachers and students. Any time I have tried to talk with her she is instantly defensive. Principal, superintendent and teachers need to stop going to all of these meetings and stay and do their job. The guidance counselor does not do her job and we need to get a new one

no comment

I think it’s working fine.

Everyone needs to see that the iPads aren’t going to work unless they let us take them home.

I like them all but, some of them are don’t have a clue sometimes

we need a new HS guidance counselor!!!!! All the rest seem to be doing a good job.

I love mrs Schmidt but the rules are stupid and too strict I think we need to let loose a little, Katahdin isn’t a bording school

Job well done

It is not good


Principal: Jon Porter *  is ineffective in addressing problems within the school system, including problems involving bullying/harassment. The superintendent: backs Jon Porter up 100%. He’s more concerned with building a new school than he is with fixing the problems that he’s already got. Guidance counselor: as previously mentioned, Jess Walker *. Any information you give to her will go to other people, which I know from personal experience. This is unprofessional and I’m not sure it’s entirely legal, either. Both the principal and the guidance counselor have made a habit of stalking student’s twitter accounts to look for “inappropriate” comments because apparently there’s no better problems for them to spend their time solving.

This question brings to mind another surveymonkey; one that you personally handed Larry this past Spring. When asked at the June meeting, he lied about ever having received or even seen it and then-Chairman Phil Knowles barked, “It wouldn’t have mattered anyway!” Other behaviors are almost as child-centered as that ghastly display of disrespect for our young people.

Too many high paid Guidance Counselors in the RSU. Why do we need 4? The Guidance Counselor at KMHS gives incorrect direction/information to the kids/parents–not sure she is very well versed in this line of work, and certainly not worth 70,000 dollars/year. The Superintendent is a bully who tries to force people to see and do things his way. Why do we need a Superintendent? His business manager does all his work. That would be a great way to save about 107,000 dollars a year.

They say they’re there to help, but they just make things worse.

Our Superintendent* doesn’t care about our kids, especially at Katahdin. He has an agenda to combine our schools even though he will say that’s not the case. He doesn’t listen when people speak up, and I think he should go back to his last job, however maybe they were probably happy to get rid of him. The principal is inexperienced, inconsistent in discipline and not very approachable if u disagree with her. She picks foolish things to change and does not focus on a good education. Way too concerned about being politically correct and technology. The Guidance counselor at Katahdin *. No idea what she does. Constantly drops the ball.

They are okay.


8. Do You feel as though the Quality of Your (or your child’s) education has decreased since last year? If so, please explain why in the other box.
  answered question 25
  skipped question 0
I see no Difference 48.0% 12
Yes, Definitely 52.0% 13
Other (please specify)

Gotten better!!

This is the best year my child has had.

I feel like the focus of the administration is so twisted that our education is taking a hit. They are focusing on issues that aren’t issues instead of paying attention to what really matters: the students.

student doesn’t even want to attend school, no encouragement to succeed

I was better informed just 2 years ago. I see more students struggling this year

To early in the year to tell.


I have learned less and less every year. I only have mrs. Harvey to thank for being solid all 4 years of my high school career, although I will still have to take remeidel math

It’s a bad as it can get, from what I see and hear.

The damage done by this past year of upheaval is lasting and irreparable. Make no mistake, it was deliberate.

for all the above mentioned reasons

The quality of my children’s education had definitely declined. Technology seems to be the most important. Their math program has bee poor for 10 years at Katahdin. My children’s math education has suffered. We are so concerned with teaching to the lower achievers that the average and high achievers are not challenged. We are more interested in whether we are bullying. We need to get back to the basics and some common sense in our schools

kind of because we dont get actual grades and not all the workwe do counts for a grade.

Too soon to tell.

9. If You had a Chance, What Changes Would You Make to Improve our School system?
  answered question 25
  skipped question 0

“Teachers and faculity seem to working to together even better.”

“I would like to see our students have more choices”

“We would be out of the RSU in a heart beat. New superintendent, definitely. Fix the rules in place so that we are still structured but we still have a little freedom.”

“more student input on school board,= I was on the board years ago and we had students attend and used their input”

“There are so many fails, If I wasn’t a senior i would move”

“Dissolve the RSU and return to the way things were 2 years ago. Offer more sports and enrichment classes for students”

“More hands-on learning for underclassmen. Courses such as home ec, home repair, woodshop, keyboarding.”

“more to offer the students”

“STOP the common core. We need new administrators that can save money and keep the kids interest ahead of their own”

“offer vocation classes again such as woodworking.”

“I don’t see any changes that need to be made.”


“A study hall, bring ipads home, and give more discipline deserve it.”

“Improve our math program”

“I would change the way people learn.. As if you are more experience then one person to move up a level or stay where try are comfortable”

“I’d put an end to the students and board members influencing others with their opinions. And students being eligible for NHS and student council when they have a biased opinion!”

“Different administration”

“Fire mrs Schmidt, mr. Malone, mrs byersmall, mrs. Marquis, mr. Porter and most of your school board and you will be off to a great start! Then get rid of the iPads, start a student board and an adult board and once in a while have meetings where the adults must listen to the kids and see what there problems are”

“Fire all the administration and hire new ones, along with a guidance counselor. Worry more about the education and less about consolidation. Be more concerned with the welfare and education of the kids than anything else.”

“Slash administration. Three secretaries, a business manager who makes double what a teacher does and now an expensive consultant to “lead” where Larry lacks the expertise and credibility to do so? What is left for him to do? Damage, apparently…. Though it is his second year as Supt. his salary is exactly “average” for superintendents of all experience levels. How does a second year teacher’s salary rate against the statewide average for all levels of experience? Hhhmmmmmm….? Most importantly, respect and support kids.”

“Eliminate the position of the Superintendent and 2 of the Guidance Counselor positions. If we are obligated to HAVE a superintendent, terminate Mr. Malone and hire someone who has our kids best interest at heart*. Put the money from the eliminated positions into hiring quality teachers for OUR kids so that we’re not sharing between the 2 districts.”

“Make places, like the halls, feel safer.”

“Back to the basics the big three reading, writing and arithmetic. Get rid of Larry Malone and the High School principals, and guidance counselor. Get out of the RSU and drop the Common Core.”

“Go back to regular (98,100,etc.) grading and bring back laptops.”

“Lessen some class time for certain subjects. Who can do math for 1.25 hours?”

10. Please Elaborate on Any Other Issues You See such as Class offerings, Scheduling Issues, Policies, Etc. Please include any additional opinions that you may have!
  answered question 14
  skipped question 11

“People stuck in the past.. Hurting our area and corrupting the minds of children for another generation with thoughts us envy & devision. Instead of showing them how to come together and solve issues that always arise.”

“People do not like change but that is what happens in life.”

“K-6 should not be having laptops and iPads. When I was in elementary school, we went to the computer lab a few times a week and played educational math and reading games. They should be learning how to write in cursive because some people honestly feel writing in cursive is the hardest part of the SAT and they aren’t teaching kids how to do it anymore. The administration needs to start listening to the parents and students in this community, otherwise, it’s going to be a full blown war and they will lose because we won’t give up until each one of them falls off the pedestals they put themselves on.”

“More hands-on learning for underclassmen. Courses such as home ec, home repair, woodshop, keyboarding.”

“All of the kids schedules were messed up. We need to have some better teachers.”

“I have none.”

“The bullying policy needs to be worked on, kids are getting away with too much, the IPad rule stinks when the kids have everything they need to do on there and have no tine to get it done.”

“I would like to see expanded class offerings……such as REAL HONORS COURSES. This would require larger enrollment/possible consolidation of HS. But you don’t want to hear that!”

“No hugging. I think it’s so ridiculous. I get yelled at for hugging a family member. Only holding hands they will say. Sorry to break it to you but you can do a whole lot more with your hands then you would hugging. It’s rude and annoying when teachers scream only holding hands!! I don’t like it at all”


“Need more class options”

“Kahn Academy is not a curriculum.”

“How about instead of excuses as to why we can’t offer more, we start being more creative in our course offerings. Bring back the region 2 classes and offer them to freshman. Bring back home ec and typing. Offer more languages(Rosetta Stone). Get rid of the IPads.”

“Nothing really.”

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