Our children; their children…..

Taking leave from our focus on School Consolidation for a moment, this articulates the most disturbing aspects of Corporate Education Reform; the CC$$I…. Many of us have not only noticed that Bill Gates, Obama, et. al. send their children to schools that do not align to the inhuman, soul-less Common Core.  (Private schools advertise themselves as an “escape” from it!)  But also that what elite parents expect could be emulated in our own schools.  The Common Core is expensive, and designed more to fill the coffers of corporations than serve children.  CC authors fear equity, and do not believe in it.Image~The Hidden Agenda of Corporate Ed Reform~

Here’s the hidden “story” many of us have observed, that the Reformers are trying to suppress. During the 1980s and 1990s US educational researchers and teachers figured out how to help all children succeed. Professional educators were becoming highly innovative, we understood the importance of joy, curiosity, flow and creativity– how the brain learns and constructs knowledge, how to motivate all students and how to help them develop their skills.

We were part of a learner-centered revolution in education, where “lifelong learning” and a “love of learning” were the guiding lights of our profession. Magic was happening and by the end of the 1990s the power elites became aware of our success and it might threaten them if educators continued moving in the direction we were going.

So then they did three things- First, they looked at what worked and made sure their kids got that kind of education in elite private schools. Next, they invested in profit-making charter schools and education software to make money by implementing some of the principles we developed. And finally, they started to set up all these standards and testing schemes (NCLB, RTT and Common Core) to shut down the successful learning that had been happening in public schools.

Why? Because they don’t want us giving away a quality education for free. They want to control it, limit its distribution and sell it. They fear a world where all kids (regardless of race or social class) would be able to compete equally with their children. They’re afraid of what would happen if America’s public schools became breeding grounds for greater liberty, creativity, skill development, critical thinking and equality.

~Christopher Chase
The Art of Learning

Related: The video the corporate reformers do *not* want you to see, a 1993 ABC News Report on “The New American Revolution in Learning.” They focus on motivation, multiple intelligences, flow, research on how the brain works, the trouble with standardized testing. Shows all the great learner-centered reforms the powers that be have been trying to shut down in US public schools…



11 responses to “Our children; their children…..

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  2. no more talk, the people has spoke, YES


    • Do you mean the budget vote? ….or maybe the Futures Task Force Report?

      You’ve commented under a post about Ed. Reform…. Maybe you meant to post under one of our more recent entries?

      Please feel free to double check, to clarify your intent to our readers.


  3. he will do what he wants, write your checks.


  4. charter school, he will write the check


    • He has no choice, really, but to write checks for families who opt for charter schools. The net effect, though is akin to knocking out part of a wall of the public school and taking it away.

      Hey – it’S your money.


  5. call east mill, they will send a bus up, for the right amount of students, and the money will go there. write a check larry.


    • It wouldn’t surprise me if Benedicta Silver Ridge opted for that and are free to do so – of course I do not speak for the Supt. of E.U.T.

      There is talk of Sherman going that way if the RSU Board closes Katahdin, too.

      Transportation is the responsibility of the sending communities – not East Millinocket.


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