Where It Matters – Effects Of Increased School Size At The Student Level

Found at Vermont Schools Rock……

View data from a Nebraska study about curriculum offerings and student participation rates in high schools of various sizes

Course offerings generally go up as school size increases, as does total participation (enrollment units). However, enrollment units per student decline; students do less when offered more.

The smaller the school, the more kids are doing in both academic and non-academic classes. Not presented here is a finding that study hall participation rate increased as school size increased.

This is consistent with the idea that curriculum enrichment enriches a few but not most students. Many students may do less in a big school because their lack of participation is not noticed and perhaps, if they are not good test takers, unwanted.


2 responses to “Where It Matters – Effects Of Increased School Size At The Student Level

  1. Definitely needs to be looked into – how DOES Hogdon maintain? How were they able to avoid being involved in an RSU?? Scott Richardson, our former Special Ed Director at RSU 50, is Hogdon’s superintendent. There has to be an answer for Katahdin. We can be the strong school we once were. We just cannot give up/give in! People have to continue to attend board meetings, speak out, research options, talk with Augusta, talk with your board members, etc. If we don’t do this, “they” assume that we are for consolidation! We are stronger than that! Our kids deserve to be educated and graduate from Katahdin High School right here in their community! Please, let’s attend July’s board meeting and move forward!


    • There are a fair number of schools that avoided forming an RSU for the reasons we are seeing here now. Others that did not have withdrawn or are in the process of doing so.

      The RSU model is problematic especially in geographically large districts where interests differ widely.

      People are the ultimate authority here if they use the civic power at their disposal.


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