Music Hath Charm…

325694-cute-love-loves-u-music-pretty-quote-quotes….and is a vital part of the education of a child.  At tonight’s meeting our readers ask that you pay special attention to Article 5 on the back page.  Here a new Curriculum Coordinator is funded $59,545 + $4500 in supplies.

This is Perhaps the most contentious item in the budget as that money should be used to find and fill the Music position vacated by a retiring Mrs. Cox.


2 responses to “Music Hath Charm…

  1. They should definitely hire a new music teacher to replace Mrs. Cox. Music is am integral part of education. A curriculum coordinator is so unnecessary. Teachers are the ones with the expertise and can coordinate their curriculum. It is very hard to understand why the Superintendent and a lot of board members do not listen to the public. Their is too much money being spent in the wrong areas while crying poor and asking for money. If kids and their education are the priority, them hire teachers not a curriculum coordinator.

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    • We are privileged here at Timbered Classrooms to have such a depth of expertise among our readers. I can tell you, unequivicolly, that there is more knowledge here than around that Board table.

      RSU #50 does not need a curriculum coordinator. …a declaration punctuated by eye-rolls and epithets amongst a hundred years of education experience and study….

      The district absolutely should replace the retiring music teacher! ..and share administrators, not teachers. Elementary children need art more than once every 6-8 weeks and world languages requires a teacher – not a computer! Stop fixating on Spanish – children benefit from study of French just as well. …or German, or whatever If you look at the staff lists of schools of similar size to our own, that provide more for less, you will see fewer people who do not spend their day with children. This bloated bureaucracy and salary disparity – teachers so far below average and bureaucrats above? Utterly unjustifiable! The Board presumes that this, and their failure to draw a faculty for positions they WANT to fill is some sort of act of nature beyond their control. People know better, whether they are willing to say so or not.

      Board members want to cut ribbons surrounded by the press; Greg Ryan and Steve Walker want a “new school they can be proud of”. It’s awfully easy to SAY that their scheme is “…for the kids…” and quite another to prove it. If it sounds crass – that’s because it is. They want the money. Why do you think they get so hostile when offered evidence of consolidations consistent failure? They want the money regardless of the costs to others.

      The State looks at crowding to determine the need for a new school, so to get their grandiose building they MUST crowd children. Ours.

      Consolidation is a proven failure, and promises to the contrary are a lie.

      There is a reason Steve Walker’s, like so many other arguments for consolidation are always about “they should come here” – NEVER do you hear, WE should close OUR school and send OUR kids out of town… .

      That said, saving Katahdin does not ensure a good education for kids if this Board and Administration still controls the money, priorities, direction, etc.. They’ve admitted they are not providing and cannot provide kids a good education in the current configuration and intend not only to prove it but to punish….

      They will try and frighten people away from withdrawal from the RSU – maybe tell those who want to tuition their children back in, “We don’t want your kids” ..and then demand a 10-year tuition contract at more money per student than before….. An empty threat as THE STATE DOES NOT ALLOW THAT. Threats do not have to be real to work, though, now do they?

      Withdrawals are happening all over the State – successfully. If you want to share there are interlocal agreements and reforming an AOS.


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