BUDGET MEETING JUNE 2nd @7pm Island Falls Municipal Building – It’s YOUR Money…..

Budget…and the RSU 50 Board may need a bit of reminding, during what has become the most farcical time of year – budget time.  Items for which taxpayers are unwilling to pay – bureaucratic bloat to name one, are cloaked in a veil of inevitability (“you’re going to pay for administration one way or another” ~Supt. Larry Malone).  Meanwhile, what people have demonstrated that they want – namely faculty, is cut both in terms of salaries, programs and positions.

“…a curriculum coordinator is no longer a luxury…”

“The Curriculum Coordinator is the most important person in the building”

“One principal for two schools stretches administration too thin”

“You’re going to pay for administration one way or another.”

Please read the wonderful post written by a very popular student author of whom we could not be more proud.  It echoes the many concerns in the community that the music program at Katahdin is to be cut in half as the Board opts not to fill the position left vacant by the retirement of Mrs. Cox.

Why is it acceptable for distant schools to share teachers – leaving children without access to them half the time, but not principals?

Why is a curriculum coordinator necessary here when such a thing is glaringly absent from the staff rosters of high-quality schools similar in size to our own?

How much has the district spent on pre-packaged curricula, mediocre and fraught with errors but with very expensive “Common Core Aligned” stickers?  Why not let the teachers develop curriculum as they have been trained to do?

What positions have we added to “oversee” the two distant schools in the district that neither school needed before?

How much has this district spent on consultants?  Architects?  ..not only to asses the buildings, but also to travel to Augusta and discuss a new school?

Why are bureaucrats and wardens paid so far above State averages, while teachers earnings stay stubbornly below?  …even as advertisements for vacant positions draw “0” applicants?  Shouldn’t pay scales be the same across the board?

“I sat across the (negotiating) table for two years and no one (teachers) offered to take less.’ ~Supt. Larry Malone

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Children cannot wait.  You have more power than you think.

Thank you all for sharing your ideas from highly effective, efficient, small schools around the state you would like to emulate in this district. Thank you for advocating for policies that truly honor every child equally, and that respects every penny provided by taxpayers.


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