When Words Fail, Numbers….

moneyquote…after all, the numbers you are about to see, are the reason words fail me – for the moment, anyway….

I hope they will not fail you at the budget meeting tomorrow evening:

Special Meeting on the RSU #50 Budget

April 28th

Island Falls Municipal Building 


Statewide Average Superintendents’ Salary = $91,731.88

                                                              RSU #50 = $109,446

Statewide Average Teachers’ Salary = $51,347.12

                                                RSU #50 = $42,701.97 **

**NOTE:  The above includes administrative salaries, that average $72,731 – the Statewide average salary for classroom teachers is $49,379.30, and RSU #50 classroom teachers is $39,598.68.  (Scroll to table below or click the MEDMS Report Portal link for details.)

Explore these, and other data reports at the following link:

MEDMS Report Portal

…or scroll for a snapshot:

Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 8.26.47 AMScreen shot 2015-04-27 at 8.27.27 AM

Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 8.49.45 AM


10 responses to “When Words Fail, Numbers….

  1. I find it curious that they never have enough money but the Superintendent makes that much money. I would rather see him take a cut in pay and hire a couple teachers and offer up a few new classes.


    • “Curious”? Thank you for choosing such a gentle term for our website! Off it, I am hearing others not fit for publication….

      They are never going to “have enough money” for kids, ostensibly until they get that new consolidated school. In truth, though, not even then.


  2. I think everyone is in agreement with this so why does this high salary continue? These numbers speak for themselves. Why can’t the board see this and make a change? They have the authority but don’t seem to respond. What are they afraid of? This is all in their hands. Do they do their homework?


    • I believe you are right – I cannot find a word of actual support for the salary disparity. It is indefensible.

      This is at the feet of Board members who are silent; who fail to speak out and/or vote against such foolishness.

      ….and especially those who reject any and all information that does not come directly from the Superintendent; who do not show serious engagement in educating themselves independently. This information was theirs for the asking from the Maine Department of Education.


  3. It makes you wonder where the board’s heads are at? Do they represent their towns or themselves? The new addition to the board from a Patten is good. He will represent Patten and be Larry Malone’s yes man. They talk about nedfing more money but never want to cut out top heavy administration. It is unbelievable!


    • Oops I need to clarify that. I meant to say the Patten rep will not be Larry Malone’s yes man. Sorry.


    • The Chairman gave us a clue to “where their heads are” during last year’s budget process. “I don’t work for you I work for the State!” he declared to the assembled taxpayers. …but doesn’t the State want to cut administrative costs? Wasn’t that the purpose of forming RSUs in the first place?

      On second thought, I have no idea where their heads are – I can tell you where they are NOT, though….


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