Back “On The Table”

Our children deserve schools run in the most optimal way possible…. If leadership believes a good education is impossible in a small school, then, it’s prophecy is self-fulfilling…


Here, we revisit our “On the Table” series; Timbered Classrooms’ exploration of the scenarios of consolidation/closure in front of the Board.

The Board attempted to eliminate the following scenario, #1 “Keep the Current Building Array” but the vote failed.

Whether the Board likes it or not, (and it clearly does NOT), the “current building array” is the one in which our children will receive at least a year of their education; a year they will not get back.

The Board and Administration has shown little interest and less expertise in running small schools, opting instead to focus energy and resources on running either a consolidated SACS or shiny new (and expensive) building in Crystal.

…but our children need leadership that will not squander the inherent advantage of small scale schooling.  …and now.

There are no “do-overs”.

Timbered Classrooms has learned that in small schools, “curriculum coordinators” often teach as well.  Also, that running two small schools in one district is often less efficient than running them separately and sharing via inter-local agreements.  Online/Tandberg opportunities abound, but must NOT replace the mentoring of skilled educators in the classroom…..

Given this Board’s propensity for creating a layer of bureaucracy to “oversee” two distant SAUs; management neither needed before, our readers will likely agree, that consolidation has replaced educators with bureaucrats and wardens.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us, and I hope you will continue to help give our children the education they deserve and taxpayers value for their dollars.

Scenario #1 – Keep the Current Building Array


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