State Recognizes 21 High-Performing, Improving Schools – BANGOR DAILY NEWS

canstock5750656BDN State Recognizes 21 High-Performing, Improving Schools

“The Maine Department of Education on Thursday commended 21 schools across the state for high or improved academic performance….” “…The department pointed out that at two-thirds of the schools more than half the students are eligible for free and reduced lunch under federal poverty guidelines. Studies have shown that schools with high rates of poverty tend to be at a disadvantage, because students whose families struggle with financial issues may struggle to focus or be invested in school and might not have supports at home that are as strong as a more financially “well-off” household….”

Timbered Classrooms has added enrollment figures to the BDN list, that our readers can see similarities in enrollment.  The BDN has already attested to the similarities in socio-economic status.  Research has shown that small size; human scale is the best tool for ameliorating the effects of poverty on learning.

 First, schools identified as “high-performing”:

Farrington School, Augusta – 375

Edgecomb Eddy School – 81

Fayette Central School – 69

Beech Hill School – 95

Dresden Elementary School (RSU 2) – 104

Durham Community School (RSU 5) – 426

Minot Consolidated School (RSU 16) – 240

South Hiram Elementary School (MSAD 55) – 260

Woodstock School – 81

Daniel Merit School – 147

Coastal Ridge Elementary (York) – 323

Bradford Elementary – 94

Next, schools identified as “Progress Reward” and their enrollment numbers:

Beals Elementary School – 58

Dike-Newell School (RSU 1) – 333

Edna Drinkwater School (Northport) – 92

Harrington Elementary School – 161

Kenduskeag Elementary School – 133

Palermo Consolidated School (RSU 12) – 132

Stetson Elementary School (RSU 64) – 46

Upper Kennebec Valley Senior High School, Bingham – 72

Whiting Village School – 43

Stop telling people that their small schools are somehow inviable due to their size.  Their size is advantageous in numerous ways, and squandered in many more…..


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