The RSU #50 Budget – Mark Your Calendars….

town meetingFor your calendars, a timeline of when the RSU #50 Budget will be formed.  Thank you to our readers who have shared your thoughts with me – it seems you are of a mind regarding bureaucratic bloat relative to other districts of similar size… ….but the Board is clearly of a different one.  To create a budget that reflects YOUR priorities and values, please, have your say….

RSU 50 Budget Development Timeline

Here is the first draft of the budget, as distributed at the meeting Monday night:

RSU #50 Budget by Cost Center DRAFT 1

A look at the Faculty and Staff Directories of Schools similar in size to each school in RSU #50 on their own websites gives us a picture of the size of their bureaucracies.  The Maine Department of Education publishes ED279s, as well, to see how we compare to their goals, and other districts:

The Maine Heritage Policy Center keeps a list of top Superintendents’ salaries:

We hope this helps.


2 responses to “The RSU #50 Budget – Mark Your Calendars….

  1. I find it interesting that the board doesn’t want to cut administrative salaries, how about the superintendent. We have money issues, it is a spending problem. A curriculum coordinator , really! Teachers are smart and creative. They can coordinate their own curriculum. Bureaucratic bloat is a good word Lisa. We have that. Our schools need to stay in our community. I believe it can be done. Stop spending unwisely.


    • It IS very interesting, and gets more so as you peel back the layers. It looks like, once again, bureaucratic compensation will be shielded at all costs from angry constituents by a Board (with too few exceptions) devoid of competence and/or child-centered values.

      There is a reason high-performing small schools do not employ curriculum coordinators and other bureaucrats who never see a child. They operate differently and this is NOT a sign it their inferiority!

      It will be “interesting”, as withdrawals progress, to see how the communities surrounding SACS like funding “bureaucratic bloat” without Katahdin’s money.

      The Board Chair, Superintendent et. al.have shown they are willing to fight tooth and nail for their Agenda.

      I hope communities are equally committed to standing up and fighting for their children and tax dollars.


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