UPDATE: RSU Withdrawal – Questions and Answers

twochildrenholdinghands“The Town of Sherman has been presented with a valid petition for withdrawal from RSU #50. We are attempting to obtain as much information as possible and want to share it with everyone.” ~Debra O’Roak, Sherman Town Manager

Many thanks to Mrs. O’Roak for keeping our readers informed, and also for the online questions she posed to Paula Gravelle, of the Maine Department of Education in charge of the withdrawal process.

Read their correspondence; questions and answers, here:

Q&A With The Maine Department of Education Re: RSU Withdrawal


2 responses to “UPDATE: RSU Withdrawal – Questions and Answers

  1. Thank you so much Debbie for asking the questions we are all asking and Lisa for posting this! There is a lot of great information which gives us lots to think about. We definitely need to move forward with withdrawal and continue to research where we go from there. It is a real possibility and our kids will not be any worse off than they are in the rsu 50 configuration as we continue to be presented with consolidation. It seems that if we were voting on withdrawal now, it would pass unanimously. People want to keep our school open and in our community and are ready for positive change for our kids’ education. Many citizens from the other side of the district are searching for change just as we are. Many of us know what needs to happen, just don’t know how to get the support and move forward.


    • You’re welcome. People of these communities are entitled to every snippet of information available; not simply what fits the Board’s narrative.

      The Board may think they’ve taken two of the “On the Table” scenarios “off the table”, but when they presumed the future of the RSU model they rejected any number of opportunities to educate kids optimally.

      The thing that keeps me up at night, is this: Kids enrolled now cannot win in the short term. Either their school closes, and they are bussed away, OR their school is governed by people with neither the expertise nor incentive to run it to its best advantage. See? They cannot win for the foreseeable future, and they will not get these years of Board dithering back.

      This Board fails to understand that small schools are more than a miniature version of large ones, or, worse, a large-school bureaucracy serving fewer children and therefore “inefficient”. Small schools run differently. Barbara Burton said, “The curriculum coordinator is the most important person in the building. I’ve never been in a school without a curriculum coordinator”. Her background is entirely in relatively larger-scale education. The reason small schools do not employ curriculum coordinators, business managers, middle-managers etc. is NOT because they are too small to fully serve their children – it is because they do not need these people and accomplish their purposes often MORE efficiently without them.

      If children are to get the best possible education, people are going to have to roll up their sleeves and jump in. From the attendance at the meeting on Monday, I’m encouraged. By the time I arrived, the sign-in sheet was well into its second page….


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