How To Know If Your School Or District Is Threatened With Consolidation – And What To Do About It

“…Don’t wait until your school is directly threatened. Build a strong school and community now…”

bordedup wondiw

  • “Realize that the consolidators already know that you don’t want your school closed, and that you will oppose their plans. So, don’t rely on testifying about how good your school is or what it means to your community. They don’t believe, or they don’t care, or both. Instead, strategize, organize, multiply, and get the buzz and energy in your region on your side. School boards and other public officials need to understand that the people who want strong schools in local communities are prepared to act to keep their schools….”
  • …Don’t let consolidators pit you against other small school communities. Too often, communities are told they won’t be consolidated if they lay low or if they let another school be closed. Very often those schools do, in fact, get consolidated anyway within a few years.

“…Don’t quit or get discouraged. Even if you lose your school you have shown your children that you will fight on their behalf and if you keep fighting you might get your school back…”

For more timely advice, and other valuable resources, visit the Rural Trust here


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