AGENDA – Special Meeting February 4th 6:30pm Katahdin High School

agendafeb4“Presentation of final report prepared by  AMES Associates, LLC. on the current condition of the facilities within the RSU.  Representatives from the AMES firm will make this presentation to the Board and will entertain questions at the conclusion of the report.”

Public comment will follow.  As you formulate your questions, read the Agenda in full:  AGENDA Feb. 4th 2015


7 responses to “AGENDA – Special Meeting February 4th 6:30pm Katahdin High School

  1. This is the report that has been holding up a more in depth discussion of the scenarios of what to do with rsu 50 schools. Please attend and have your questions ready as the agenda states there will be time for questions. To have the opportunity to analyze this report with the board in an open public meeting will hopefully put us all on the same page!?


    • Though this is certainly welcome, open discussion always is and always should have been.

      It should have begun earlier but the Board has no interest in seeing the picture painted of consolidation by Timbered Classrooms – just their own, unsubstantiated assumptions.

      I disagree that this report, or its absence, is any sort of justification for “holding up” in-depth discussion.

      The engineers of AMES Associates are experts in their field; experts on buildings. Their expertise does not extend to how building conditions dovetail with the educational needs of children, or the issue of rural school consolidation generally.

      This Board will not be able to hide the choice they made long ago to close Katahdin behind AMES Associates, their Superintendent, size, nature or anything else.

      I hope the community will come ready with hard questions. The way it looks from here I would say the chances are good….


      • I hope people come out! We need to have a say in this. We all know the Superintendent wants to close Katahdin. To the board who do you represent, most Katahdin people that I know want their kids to stay here. Are you going to stand up for us or just biw down to the agenda. I ask you to think of the kids and your community. Our school needs to stay open at Katahdin.

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        • Yes we all know that the Superintendent wants to close Katahdin….

          But why does he want to close it?

          …because that is what the Board wants. The Board hired a Superintendent they expected to get it done, and they would like him to make it look like there is “…….no choice…”. “It would be so much easier if we could just get a building condemned..” quipped a Board member over the hissing “Ssshhhhhhhhhhh!” of her colleagues.

          There IS “a choice, of course, the Board made it long ago, and is committed to their decision regardless of what you, and the communities, want.

          The Board is openly hostile not only to those who oppose their plans, but lashes out at and impugns the integrity of those who dare question, ask for evidence to back up their claims, or try and introduce evidence-based reality into their sham discussion.

          The evidence; the research on their side is virtually non-existent.

          …but they want that shiny new school; a consolidated SACS in the interim, and ALL the money from Katahdin to pay for it. …and all of it on your wallet……

          That’s the long-winded answer to your question, “Is the Board going to stand up or bow down to the agenda?” The short one is,

          It’s THEIR agenda…


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