It’s O.K. ….

freedom-of-speech_400….to disagree.  To engage civically in pursuit of your beliefs.  …to speak out; to petition… People can even remain friends while doing so in different directions. Each and every one has a right. No one is entitled to use his or her power to threaten, coerce, intimidate, or interfere with the civic freedom of anyone else. No one. The question, “Should we get Board permission to…” circulate/sign RSU withdrawal petitions has been floated to Timbered Classrooms. No. We include, here,  a list of reasons it is acceptable, legally or ethically,  to intimidate others.  …also a comprehensive list of things for which private citizens must seek School Board approval outside of school grounds or jurisdiction. blank page Even where people disagree, we are better for civic engagement and Timbered Classrooms welcomes it – whatever a citizens’ position.

We’re all friends here….

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” ~Voltaire


3 responses to “It’s O.K. ….

  1. I started this blog to alleviate the fear that people were communicating to me. …fear that should not exist….

    The Board does not govern the community! Quite the opposite, really…. It was a strange piece for me to write because it is all so obvious.


    • I think a part of the problem is the powers that be can be intimidating especially if you work in the system. We should all feel free to express our opinions, but at times with the school, disagreement brings hostility. I think we should get out of the RSU. These are our kids, our community, we have to have a say in all this. It will cost us more in the long run at our kids expense and our communities. The petitions are out there for withdrawal. Our side of the district is worth keeping open. No one can take away your right to speak out.


      • Yes, those whose livelihoods are on the line are in a precarious position.

        It is illegal to terminate, or threaten employees for speaking as private citizens on matters such as consolidation and budget priorities.

        It is also illegal to retaliate against employees who report that sort of reprehensible behavior to those who can assist them.

        I wish communities well in their efforts to maximize available resources for their children, an area in which the RSU model has failed miserably for reasons that were as predictable as they are grotesque.


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