Our Readers Have A Say

opinion-mattersWould you kindly answer our poll?  It’s short and sweet!  …or not.  Your comments matter.  How has the RSU model helped or hurt?  How can we improve the lot of kids?

If you vote to support withdrawal, you still have to add your John Hancock to petitions currently circulating in your community the old-fashioned way.  If you would like our assistance in finding one, or would like to help in the effort, please “contact us” and we will be happy to connect you.


4 responses to “Our Readers Have A Say

  1. I guess the no’s are the school board and their union bosses/rumpswabs. I think we can all understand how the DOE can manipulate their subordinates into submission by making these Utopian dreams of giant school systems that don’t even work on paper, but in their minds eye makes them rulers over the peasants who only supply the kids and money but should have no voice. It’s a thing to watch how one party can work town against town with their claims of greatness only to find that they as well were played to attain an outside agenda focused on Rural Cleansing. Will they feel the same when their Utopia is forced to close and many miles added to their daily school routes or will they look back, see, and admit they were wrong? Will they count on the same ones they choose to throw under the “bus” now to help them fight for their school?
    Avoid the whole mess and vote yes to get out of RSU 50 and put your own money back into your own schools. It’s up to you to save your own communities with local control.

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    • Bigger is always better in the minds of those who would “run schools like a business”. Except children are neither consumers nor products and are not scaleable.

      I would like to hear more from the “no”s. Why? What are the benefits of being in an RSU that aren’t showing up in audits, tax bills or childrens’ experiences?

      Consolidation always and only serves administrators and the State, who love centralization. When will the Board learn what you articulate so clearly? The State does not want to build a new school, or invest in rural Maine. That’s what the Baldacci initiative was all about; divestment from rural Maine or “cleansing” as you call it. No. The last thing the State wants to do is build a new school after the Board kills existing ones by neglect. The State is going to tell them to close their doors and go to Houlton. If they won’t do it now, then, either they are not serious about their baseless preference for large schools, or they are putting their own ambitions before what they say is best for kids. As for taxpayers, the Board showed little sensitivity for them taking tuition off the table before they know whether or not it is, as many suspect, the cheapest option. The EPS is terribly unfair, and I don’t doubt Mr. Knowles’ claim that Houlton only had to raise $150,000 local additional while RSU 50 had to raise $1.2 million. The preference for large schools AND large tax bases is built in to the State funding formula. What is the Board doing about that as taxpayers struggle?

      The Board has already rejected the long bus rides and forced closure for the North end of the district even while foisting it on the South. Will Katahdin help them fight off more consolidation? Not if too many of them opt to tuition children to East Millinocket.

      Benedicta’s children have been hurt by the fiscal asphyxiation that has gone on at Katahdin for the last two years or more; when they could no longer be assured that their handsome tuition money is actually going to the same school children attend.

      My voice will always find a way to follow our children and our dollars.


  2. Withdrawal is our only answer to improve our education system in this community. If we don’t withdraw, this distress is never going to end. We may “win” the fight to keep our schools open for right now, but this will come up again and again until people give up the fight. Towns all over the state are successfully withdrawing from rsu’s. If you research this you will see that our situation in rsu 50 is even worse on the education of our kids than others that have made the decision to go through the process of withdrawal. You will also see that it can be done and is not that difficult. It, of course, does take support from voters and dedicated people willing to work on the withdrawal committee. Let’s make this happen and stop the foolishness the rsu configuration is creating in our schools.


    • You’re right. The Superintendent described it as “a cycle” – if voters opt at the ballot box to keep Katahdin open, and that Katahdin communities pay the State-sanctioned “extra costs” the Board simply votes again and forces yet ANOTHER referendum… …and so on until voters give in to the Board.

      The communities have not been able to stop the fiscal asphyxiation of Katahdin or rein in spending they find frivolous in the RSU model.

      I haven’t heard much at all from RSU supporters and that is a shame. I would like to know what benefits they see for children and taxpayers.


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