The Best-Laid Schemes o’ mice an’….. School Boards?


One of our earliest posts, and one to which our readers keep returning…..

“How many secretaries does it take to screw in a light bulb at RSU 50?”  Punchlines invariably poke fun at the top-heavy nature of RSU 50’s administrative offices.  (“They’re not laughing WITH you….”)  Laugh, cry or both – you just got heckled.  “It’s in the RSU #50 plan approved by the State.”, protested the Superintendent at last week’s Board meeting, (as though divinely etched on a chunk of rhyolite and lugged down from Katahdin).  Fair enough.  That settles it then.

Or does it?  What does the plan say students should be assured in the way of educational opportunity?  What sort of savings were taxpayers to expect?  Read it an’ weep…. “They aren’t laughing WITH you…..” Please share your thoughts in the comments section, or email me to join us as an author.


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