Imagine That!

How is the RSU model working?  Support for withdrawal from the RSU is high, but so is the (mistaken) belief that it is “too late”.  It is never too late….  As Katahdin communities prepare to fight to save their school, they may ask themselves, “If we save our school, do we want to continue to funnel our tax dollars to fund it through an RSU that wants it shuttered?  …or do we want a dedicated Board to set priorities?  Do we want to pay the additional costs levied by the RSU in the event of a vote to preserve Katahdin even if it does not, inherently, cost more?”
images-1Can you imagine why any town would want to withdraw from any School Administrative District?

~Unless they wanted to have a say in the way that their tax dollars were spent at the consolidated school.

~Or unless they discovered that sending their kids away to school had destroyed their sense of community.

~Or unless they finally figured out that it would be cheaper and even better for the kids all around if they kept them in schools in their own town.

If you didn’t think about these things — and several other substantial reasons, you’d be hard pressed to come up with a reason any small town would want to withdraw from a SAD. The humble Farmer


4 responses to “Imagine That!

  1. Reblogged this on Timbered Classrooms… and commented:

    This post first appeared in January. Of anything, though, it is more relevant today as more people question the value of an RSU that has failed to live up to its promises, but is all too eager to make more.


  2. Did it dawn on anybody that the reason we are in the predicament we are in is because there are certain town (s) that could care less about their own schools within their own community and feel withdrawal would ease their tax bill. These are the same people who bash the budget year after year and now we are to the point where we have to take drastic measures so we can appease the public. The town(s) considering withdrawal in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM were in it to preserve their community school. They were purely pursuing it for a potential tax savings. They were willing to give up their representation on the board and just tuition their kids to save a buck. My viewpoint is that they care less about quality of education. The surrounding communities should be asking these towns as to why wouldn’t they support their community children. I completely agree that the closure of school can kill a community, but the issue at hand is the non support within ones community. I applaud all the people and businesses that do support our children and I also support those businesses (regardless of which community they are from) because it’s the right thing to do. I find it extremely troubling that some have the US against THEM mentality or belief that one side is trying to steal money of the other. These thoughts have clouded the real issues at hand!
    Don’t get me wrong, there are reasons not to agree with things but to have such hate and discontent year after year only brings us to where we are now!


    • There is no hate here. The “us” against “them” exists ONLY in the strategies of consolidation proponents. Accusations of such are a common and tired strategy to vilify advocates for small local schools.

      Closing a school and withdrawal are two separate issues and though our readers DO in fact see better more child and taxpayer-centered priorities in the local control withdrawal provides, not one is willing to throw kids under the bus to “save a buck”. As a matter of fact, it is the current Chairman who supports Katahdin’s closure even while likening it to “throwing our kids under the bus”.

      As for the budget: the priorities out forth every year by this RSU inflict terrible austerity on kids while spending foolishly on unnecessary items. This is by design and intended to force their families to go along with plans to close their school on the false promise of more opportunity.

      Communities have ADDED money to the budget for faculty -$100k in one instance and cut Administration to nothing in others only to be threatened with more austerity for kids!

      Those budgets deserve to be “bashed” as you so indelicately put it. We prefer “rejected by voters in favor of child centered priorities.”

      Stop claiming that supporting budgets put forth by this RSU reflects care for kids.

      It is inevitable in district consolidations that there will be people who want all the money in one school regardless of costs to those who lose theirs. If you don’t believe me maybe you will believe consolidation proponents from Oakfield who want “more opportunity”. Houlton is closer to them than Katahdin is to SACS but they are unwilling to close their school and put their children on a relatively shorter bus ride. It is a common unpleasant truth about consolidations.

      We welcome your ideas about how to get child centered priorities for Katahdin within the RSU.


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