From our “On the Table” Series – Scenario #1 – “Keep the Current Building Array”

Our final installment ends where the Task Force begins – and quickly brushes past. “Keep the Current Building Array” has been dismissed by the Board as untenable. I will leave it to our readers to compare a Board member’s interview question to the Superintendent, then-candidate, “What do you know about building a new school?” research referenced here and also a cautionary tale from a parent in Searsport…

Timbered Classrooms...

The first in our “On the Table” Series, this is a close reading of Scenario #1 currently under consideration.  The FTF analysis of this and others can be found here:




Scenario #1 – Retain Current Building Array

Here, we look at the first Scenario under consideration by the Futures Task Force (FTF).  Well, not really under any serious consideration as it was dismissed by its members at the beginning as unworthy of consideration.  But that raises serious questions:  If you believe the state of our educational infrastructure is untenable?  …and the only solution you are pursuing is further consolidation?  Schools of similar size and smaller are the pride of other Maine communities.  Schools the size of Katahdin do not “die”; they are killed, for the mistakenly perceived economic development purposes of the potential receiving community.  How do you “kill” a school, and simultaneously invest in the children within?…

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