“On the Table” Series Continues: #5 – “TABLED”

We continue to feature each scenrio, individully, for building configuration; consolidation closure, from which the Board will select any number for elimination at the January 12th meeting.  As always, all scenarios along with details and analyses are available by clicking “On the Table” at the top of the page.

Timbered Classrooms...

Review this and other Scenarios currently under consideration by the Futures Task Force (FTF):



Scenario #5, where elementary grades would remain in place on either end of the district and a new 7-12 facility would be built in Crystal.  Happily the Committee had the sense to table it.  It really is utterly absurd.

The Committee did comment, though:

  • Few benefits involved
  • Would “appease” some stakeholders, but would not address current and future constraints.
  • Too draining on the budget or too much loss for each individual community
  • No cost savings
  • “not”

“Few” benefits?  The FTF does not say what those are, but I see “none”.  ..and who on Earth would be “appeased” by an asinine idea like this?  I don’t know what “stake” they are “holding”, but “appeasement”?  How about a first-class seat in a handbasket?  No; all seriousness aside, I recognize that I may be missing something here, so…

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