“On The Table” – Scenario #7, ‘Classes on the Bus’

Scenario #7, on the table for the Board’s consideration, is consolidating all middle school students in the district into the Katahdin High School Building and all High School students in the district at Southern Aroostook; leaving elementary grades in place.

Timbered Classrooms...

“I am one of many who believes that it is time for the state-mandated consolidation of school districts to be dissolved.

My reasons are many, the school bus that went by my home at 6 this morning being only one of them. If kids are going to spend much of their school day just getting there and back, conduct some classes on the bus.”

~the humble farmer


“….thousands of Maine people can now tell you that busing kids 20 miles to school “to save money” has nothing to do with improving education…”

~the humble farmer

…or “saving money”.  (The research shows this scheme would cost MORE!)  Oh, and it would be quite a bit more than 20 miles, factoring in the distance from where children actually live, and not simply the schools themselves.  Of course, many of us commute further than that, but how long would it take you to pick up, say, 30…

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