“On The Table” – Scenario #6; Promise and Principles

The sixth installment in our “On the Table” series, is particularly interesting, as it enjoys a promising degree of support in the community, and is further supported, specifically, by the research cited within. The promise may be short-lived, though, as the idea of consolidating Katahdin Elementary and High School drew vehemently negative responses from some Board members, oddly, who represent communities that would remain unaffected. Thank you for your interest, and careful consideration of this, and all scenarios as the process of elimination begins….

Timbered Classrooms...



“A major challenge is operating and maintaining a nearly full complement of RSU 50’s school buildings in spite of declining enrollments and a shrinking tax base. Every building in the district requires maintenance, some of which is already being deferred because of current fiscal constraints.  Infrastructure of each building includes wireless capability and upgrades, phone system and HVAC.  There would be no savings in student transportation. …”   

What?  …a “nearly full complement”?  Scenario #6 involves closing Katahdin Elementary, and going from three buildings to two, eliminating one of the more expensive, looming roof repairs:

Roof Systems of Maine 2012-2013 quotes for roof repair:

 KES $86,400 (building would close)

KHS $5,500

SACS $80,000-$116,000

No, there are no transportation savings; under ANY scenario, and most of them increase bussing expenses.    Scenario #6 does not, and represents the lowest cost in that area…. Where are the concerns for transportation costs, for taxpayers…

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