“On The Table” – Scenario 4; “The Wheels on the Bus”

Scenario #4, that will be on the table on January 12th, where the Board will eliminate any number of scenarios from consideration, involves consolidating the high school only, leaving elementary grades in place.

Timbered Classrooms...

sbnite0214Review the Analysis of this, and other scenarios currently under consideration by the Futures Task Force:


Scenario 4 varies little from Scenario 3a and b.  In fact, it varies so little, that the Futures Task Force has apparently cut and pasted many of the benefits and challenges from Scenario 3a and b.  Here in Scenario #4, the Futures Task Force considers consolidating only the high school either at SACS (4a) or Katahdin (4b), but leaving the elementary grades in place.  (Well, it isn’t really considering consolidating the High Schools at Katahdin, for reasons outlined in “A Tale of Two Scenarios”.

“Administrative roles and support staff can be diversified, (i.e. Curriculum Coordinator, Assistant Principal)….”  — This is actually listed under “Benefits”!  A cue, certainly, that the hiring of Bureaucrats and Wardens” , which has frustrated taxpayers so will continue unabated, or, more likely, grow precipitously.

Another item, seemingly…

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