From Our Series titled, “On the Table” – Scenario Option #2

Here, we revisit each scenario of closure and consolidation that the Board will winnow down at the January 12th meeting. We begin with Scenario #2, because #1 is the status quo and clearly not under serious consideration.  Of course this and all possibilities are always available by clicking “On the Table” at the top of the page. Included is the Futures Task Force’s analysis as well as our own, based on research also available under “School Consolidation”. We strive to offer as complete a picture as possible surrounding the issues at hand.

Timbered Classrooms...

“What do you know about building a new school?” ~Interview question posed to Mr. Larry Malone when he was a candidate for his current position.  …also the sound of the school closure train leaving the station…


View “Scenario #2, as well as other Visions of the Futures Task Force, here:


The second option on the table for the Futures Task Force is “..building a new, PK-12 structure and ‘decommissioning’ all current school facilities in the RSU..” apparently “received a very strong endorsement from the FTF membership”.

Of course, as usual, no supporting research was offered.

The “benefits” they cite are listed below, contrasted with what the research actually says:

~”site neutrality” : According to the research, this will not look like any sort of advantage, come budget time.  Research highlights the increased difficulty in raising funds where communitie’s sense of ownership is diminished by both size and distance.

~”coordination of services” : This…

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