You Can Do It….!

Neither the official Agenda, nor the minutes from the December meeting where the vote to shutter Katahdin was reportedly placed on the Agenda is yet available….

 Whether or not the Board, indeed, casts a vote on closing Katahdin school(s) is immaterial, really. We know it is on the table, and the time for communities to make decisions about the future of education in the region and to take control is here.  Timbered Classrooms would like to offer many thanks to Mrs. Kay, who knows a great deal about this sort of thing…..

They are your children, your communities and your schools.  The buck stops with you.

silence-not-golden“Its time for all parents and community members in Katahdin school districts to get together and speak up if your against consolidating with SACHS!! It is on the table, and sooner than most people thought!!!!

Why allow “our” children to be bused so far away? Why can’t we use the $250,000, that will be (saved )to do renovations on our own schools? The school board should not be in control!!!! We all as a community should be!! We need to take the power back!

I understand that it can be intimidating when your the only one speaking up, but board members are human too. I assume they sleep fine at night whether we approve of their decisions or not!! We are adults, we won’t be bullied!! I’m well aware there are many problems within the school system itself, as there are similar problems at SACHS, but lets take a step at a time…..First, write a letter to our school board members letting them know you are opposed to what they are trying to do… I’ve heard, some board members don’t even open mail from parents, community members etc.!

ATTEND THE BOARD MEETING ON JAN.12 AT SACHS!!! Bring the letters with you and hand them to board members right there!!! Many community members are working together to take back control. Do you want your children to travel so far away on icy roads? What about sports, extra-curricular activities? I for one don’t want my children returning home from away games at 2:00am!!!! If your interested in helping, and finally being heard, feel free to call or text me….We have a lot to do in a short time, but we can do this!!! OUR STATE REPS. and MEDIA WILL BE ON BOARD!!! Thanks in advance for any help your willing to give.( Lastly, I don’t want anyone to think I am saying that the board members are corrupt, many are great people) but we are the ones who should make decisions concerning “our” children, and “our” school!!!!!”

Danette Moody Kay
32 North Rd,


4 responses to “You Can Do It….!

  1. Close Katahdin & move to SA.? Sooner then later?? The only talk I’ve heard for near future closures is from one Katahdin building to the other. A move that could save heating fuel costs. Building & grounds upkeep & maybe a small staff reduction. Common sense ideas. We do NOT have enough students to currently fill both Katahdin sites not really even close. As it is KES 5th to 6th grade wings celing is PLASTIC TARPS. Because the roof leaks so badly. & yet our money still goes to 3 delapatated buildings & two sports teams…. Until people are ready to meet in the middle & work together we better be ready to pony up when tax time comes.


    • So, “..nothing to see here..” “ no attention to the man behind the curtain..” right?

      We are well aware that the elementary school is in terrible shape… ..and I’m not surprised you have heard that we should have k-12 in one building on the Katahdin side. We should!

      Your idea to consolidate the Katahdin side into one building IS “common sense”, and well-supported by our readers. The research also supports it.

      So what’s the trouble? Why don’t we do that?

      …but the Superintendent, the Board et. al. at the Futures Task Force Public Forum and elsewhere have been dismissive, even disdainful of that scenario; VERY loudly, I might add. …and it will likely be eliminated from consideration at the Jan. 12th Board meeting if you do not go and make your wishes known.

      Until the Board and Administration is “..ready to meet Katahdin…” communities, (whom they want to bear ALL the loss here) “…in the middle…”, then, yes — “we’d better be ready to pony up when tax time comes.”

      The ultimate goal of shifting children, money and investment to the SACS side of the district, will be costly for taxpayers and children alike – and the returns on investment will be much lower.


  2. If board members will not open/read letters, would a petition work better? Just asking….

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    • Likely any communication made in a public way with the Board is preferable to letters that have, in the past, been denied out of existence! Maybe read, maybe not.

      “You’re the only one I have heard from” is a VERY common refrain from Administrative offices in the district.

      Letters are good, though, and please, Timbered Classrooms would be happy to publish a copy of your letter to the Board, Superintendent – or both. Our readers would be very interested, and, of course, you may omit your name if you like.


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