AGENDA – January 12th Meeting 6:30pm SACS

agendaclipartsWe’ve seen a great deal of interest in this, probably because of item #9…

AGENDA – RSU 50 January 12th Board Meeting 6:30 SACS


2 responses to “AGENDA – January 12th Meeting 6:30pm SACS

  1. So there you have it. There will be no vote, but looking to shrink the options available. I guess no matter how you feel, or which way your leaning Jan 12th is the time to shout it from the rooftops. I would like to think it will leave a couple of options on the table that will make all happy. We shall see.

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    • Yes, discussion and possible elimination of various scenarios is on the Agenda. Though there is no specific mention of a vote, there never is. The Board votes on Agenda items all the time and there is nothing to stop them from voting on the 12th.

      It is great to see that you, and others will not be falling for the, “…that’s a bunch of hype..” “…we’re not voting on anything…” “…nothing to see here folks…” that is sure to come, and intended to make us look foolish.

      Closing Katahdin IS “on the table”, your children and tax dollars are the main course, and you are right – time to “shout from the rooftops”


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