A Reader Reaches Out…

“So what are they saving money for? Why not warm children?” ~our own son, Leif, not content with my answer to “Why don’t they turn up the heat more at school?” ….
Spending priorities continue to raise concerns, along with the “budgetcicle” . A budget freeze on a voter-approved budget is quite unusual, and warrants more explanation. We hope to see more communication from the Board to community members, whether or not they can attend meetings.

Timbered Classrooms...


…to you!  Spending priorities are too important to relegate to budget time, and concerns warrant discussion, certainly.  Timbered Classrooms would like to thank the author of the following letter, submitted under “Contact us” and offer our hope for further discussion with and among Board members as well as here with an eye toward greater understanding.  We also would like to assure this and other potential authors that your anonymity will be respected and preserved – even from us if you so choose, as here.  ….whether you contact us privately or by public comment.

Thank you again.

What’s on your mind and how might we help you?:


I am writing this but wish to remain anonymous. As I am sure you are aware, since you keep up with the board decisions and such, that Mr. Porter has been given a $22,000 dollar stipend to be principal at KMHS. 22 THOUSAND…

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