A Reader Reaches Out…


…to you!  Spending priorities are too important to relegate to budget time, and concerns warrant discussion, certainly.  Timbered Classrooms would like to thank the author of the following letter, submitted under “Contact us” and offer our hope for further discussion with and among Board members as well as here with an eye toward greater understanding.  We also would like to assure this and other potential authors that your anonymity will be respected and preserved – even from us if you so choose, as here.  ….whether you contact us privately or by public comment.

Thank you again.

What’s on your mind and how might we help you?:


I am writing this but wish to remain anonymous. As I am sure you are aware, since you keep up with the board decisions and such, that Mr. Porter has been given a $22,000 dollar stipend to be principal at KMHS. 22 THOUSAND dollars. I’m just curious what you and others think of this decision. I am also hearing that he is paid mileage to travel between the two schools. Personally, I feel that it is ridiculous to cut a principal position, only to turn around and throw away this amount of money which could be used in other areas that would more impact the students in their education. Since he is only half time at each school, would that not warrant him to remain at the same pay rate? I’m not sure if you are aware, but staff at SACS received an email today informing them that the budget is frozen. I’m sure this is probably the case at Katahdin schools as well. When is the extravagant spending going to stop so that hard earned money isn’t being wasted in unnecessary areas? This seems like a classic case of three steps forward, two steps back. As someone who is “in the know,” I just think it is outrageous how funds are being spent for the quality of the education that the children are receiving.


4 responses to “A Reader Reaches Out…

  1. Thank you for speaking out and helping the public to be aware of this very public information and for your concerns. More concerned people need to courageously share concerns before serious decisions will be made by this board and superintendent and there is no turning back in this rsu. If attending board meetings is not possible, people need to contact a board member or two and share their concerns. The people on the board are there for us, the students, parents, staff, tax payers, community members to look after our schools based on what the people want. They are “required” to listen. Also, writing letters works as long as you send to each board member so that it does not get “lost” before reaching all members. Thank you, again for speaking out.


  2. The following comment was channeled to Timbered Classrooms privately by an anonymous respondant. I share it with you, unedited. (The writer does, indeed, trail off…………………):

    “Interesting! People “in the know” are people like myself and I sense from this person that she/he feels they have a need to speak, but are afraid. The mileage issue is outrageous! They frown on paying mileage to staff “use the school van, etc.” , but Malone and Porter are paid .52/mile to travel back and forth between the two schools on a daily basis! Sharing a principal could work if……………………”


  3. Reblogged this on Timbered Classrooms… and commented:

    “So what are they saving money for? Why not warm children?” ~our own son, Leif, not content with my answer to “Why don’t they turn up the heat more at school?” ….
    Spending priorities continue to raise concerns, along with the “budgetcicle” . A budget freeze on a voter-approved budget is quite unusual, and warrants more explanation. We hope to see more communication from the Board to community members, whether or not they can attend meetings.


  4. Its time for all parents and community members in Katahdin school districts to get together and speak up if your against consolidating with SACHS!! It is on the table, and sooner than most people thought!!!! Why allow “our” children to be bused so far away? Why can’t we use the $250,000, that will be (saved )to do renovations on our own schools? The school board should not be in control!!!! We all as a community should be!! We need to take the power back! I understand that it can be intimidating when your the only one speaking up, but board members are human too. I assume they sleep fine at night whether we approve of their decisions or not!! We are adults, we won’t be bullied!! I’m well aware there are many problems within the school system itself, as there are similar problems at SACHS, but lets take a step at a time…..First, write a letter to our school board members letting them know you are opposed to what they are trying to do… I’ve heard, some board members don’t even open mail from parents, community members etc.! ATTEND THE BOARD MEETING ON JAN.12 AT SACHS!!! Bring the letters with you and hand them to board members right there!!! Many community members are working together to take back control. Do you want your children to travel so far away on icy roads? What about sports, extra-curricular activities? I for one don’t want my children returning home from away games at 2:00am!!!! If your interested in helping, and finally being heard, feel free to call or text me….We have a lot to do in a short time, but we can do this!!! OUR STATE REPS. and MEDIA WILL BE ON BOARD!!! Thanks in advance for any help your willing to give.( Lastly, I don’t want anyone to think I am saying that the board members are corrupt, many are great people) but we are the ones who should make decisions concerning “our” children, and “our” school!!!!! danette Moody Kay
    32 North Rd,


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