A Reader’s Razor-Sharp Point…

“Timbered Classrooms” would like to thank our astute readers, one of whom submitted the following political parallel to the spending priorities pursued by the RSU #50 Board.  We’ve surely all heard the fury surrounding the Governor’s quip that $100,000 per year is “…not that rich..”?  The MEA points out that, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 16% of Maine people — of any and all occupations, earn this amount or more.


“…Thought this was interesting that the MEA basically thinks that $100,000 is considered a high salary in Maine – how do you think they would react to knowing that a superintendent with 700 students receives $109,000!? Thought you might post this info with the comparison!…” ~ Timbered Classrooms Reader

“…Only about 16 percent of Mainers make $100,000 per year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. …” ~MEA

“…The average beginning teacher salary is around $31,500 and the average teacher salary throughout Maine at all levels is less than $49,000.  We know our ESP make much less than that…..” ~MEA

For further reading, we offer a link to the MEA page submitted along with our reader’s comment:  MEA Online

Superintendent Quenten Clark of East Millinocket intends to finish his contract for $62,400.  Houlton figures have been reported at $92,000; the Maine Heritage Policy Center maintains salary data here.

Though EPS is deeply flawed, in any number of ways, Administrative costs exceed those guidelines to a greater degree than seen elsewhere.  Consultants (20k+), Feasibility studies, (correct me if our reports of 60K is incorrect please).. …while teachers are first to the chopping block.


Timbered Classrooms Editor’s Note:  We are aware that there are those that, though they take umbrage at such expenditures, they take more at us for discussing them publicly.  With all due respect we will have to agree to disagree on that.  The RSU Board is not entitled to deference, or to trust.  We are better for spirited debate, and citizens holding public officials accountable outside of the ballot box as well as on election day.  


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