Education on a Human Scale…

“…There are some who cling, stubbornly, to the outdated view that bigger schools are necessarily better schools. Despite the fact that there is no research evidence to support this view, well meaning but misguided and ill-informed policy makers continue to pursue the closure and consolidation of small neighborhood and community schools. They pursue this agenda apparently unaware that the educational community has moved on from this mid-twentieth view to embrace the educational opportunities available to students in small schools. Despite paying lip-service to “evidence based decision making,” some educational leaders seemingly ignore the growing body of evidence that clearly indicate that smaller schools are to be preferred over larger ones. One has to wonder if these folks can read! …”

…the Opening Words, of “Education on a Human Scale”; in-depth and comprehensive research by the Acadia Centre for Rural Education. The full report, in pdf, is linked in the third paragraph and is also available in hard-copy form at the Sherman Public Library. We have asked that it not be checked out, that it remains accessible for the entirety of the RSU Reorganization process.

Timbered Classrooms...

children-hands-heart.jpg?w=625Your school, your children and your tax dollars.  Everyone has a stake in public education in the region…

Please come to the forum for public input to shape a Future Vision for Education on Feb. 10th @6:00pm at the Katahdin Elementary School Cafeteria.  Don’t like public speaking?  This format will be very comfortable for you; table discussions and post-it notes….

Meanwhile, read this fascinating study of school consolidation in its entirety, here: Education on a human scale_5 April 

…or keep scrolling for (colorful) highlights:

“….Once upon a time rural parents and educators were more or less alone in their struggle with governments and school boards to maintain their small community schools. Educational authorities and policy makers seemed united in their view that bigger schools were better schools. If parents truly cared about their children and their education, they would agree to close their small schools and have their children bussed…

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