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imageThird time the charm?  The district budget meeting is scheduled for September 16th,  7:00pm at the Island Falls Municipal Building. Copies of the Proposed Budget are a available at various locations around the communities, on the RSU website or here – just keep scrolling!

People are understandably weary of what has been, admittedly, an arduous process.  (A reporter was heard muttering “This is so stupid! This is going to take forever!” ). Democratic decisions are messy, (and the more democratic, the more untidy) but usually better in outcome. It’s a struggle that clearly  needs to happen; to continue, and our readers have shown, time and again, the degree to which our children are worth it.

It bears remembering the good that comes from this struggle; the silver lining, as a multitude of deeply caring voices rise to help determine the direction of education here.  Perhaps many “silver linings”; ..better understanding between the Board and the communities to whom they answer?  …better decisions for kids.

Thank you to all of our readers, and community members determined to get this right, in spite of the cost of referenda – the cost of silence; and of getting it wrong, is, indeed, too high.

We wish all community members well….

FY15 – BUDGET #3 – September 16 2014 (1)


2 responses to “Every Cloud…

  1. I am trying to make sense of explanations and discussions around cutting positions in the budget. It has been explained that it would not make sense to cut teachers or administrators because they have 90 days in their contract
    that allows them to work, so that would put them into Nov/Dec and a half a year would be over. Yes, but wouldn’t that eventually save money over time and reduce the budget? Especially for the next year’s budget? So for money to be cut from the budget immediately, support staff would be cut first. Average support staff salary is $15,000/yr. e It would take around four of those positions to equal the salary of one administrator, etc. and that is what the public had asked for. Maybe common sense doesn’t work for this situation. There must be more to this. I know that at meetings when people question the board and Mr. Malone about this, their answers are vague and they do not want to go into a detailed explanation that satisfies the people. They should not be shutting us out, but trying to explain things in such a way that we can all work together and be successful.


    • Absolutely! Support staff are paid so little, yet are working with kids; helping them in innumerable ways.

      “Common sense” would insist on preserving what has the greatest impact on kids, whatever the cost but when the savings is so small and the cost to kids so high… Is it any wonder people are so angered by the enormous sums going out the door for what matters to kids so little? …if at all?

      The priorities are so different because the goal is different. So what if all the resources surrounding the sending town of Katahdin, plus ALL the tuition revenue from the Unorganized Territory was brought to bear for kids? …and austerity imposed on administration? What if the Board looked to more successful small schools as an example of how to prioritize funds optimally? Surely kids would be better served than they presently are, right?

      But how would you CLOSE a school like that? How would you convince parents and community members that they would be better off bussing their kids and money elsewhere?

      The drumbeat to close Katahdin must stop, before the Board would consider such a strategy as emulating our best small schools, instead of pursuing RSU 13 – we can never reach 2000 students, and, even if we could, do we want this? http://bangordailynews.com/2014/01/13/news/midcoast/rockland-area-school-district-turmoil-rooted-in-its-creation/. If this is on Craig Kesselheim’s resume, I’d hate to see what he left off….

      The “drumbeat” continues, loudly and clearly…


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