Every Child……



2 responses to “Every Child……

  1. Every child is unique! I wish the administration had more of an understanding for that. Why do we standardize our kids education especially at the High School level. Parents and teachers need more input and say into the kids education. Not bureaucrats. We have to offer more not just excuses. The best schools are able to meet the needs of each child and bring out the best in each student no matter the background. Change can happen when parents and teachers work together.

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  2. Absolutely! …and teacher autonomy, small class sizes and community support are all part of that; all items this administration is trying to dismantle with expensive, highly scripted curricula, Marzano snake oil (again, very expensive) faculty reductions and school consolidation.

    Parents and community need more input and to be welcomed into the discussion and, certainly, understanding from an administration determined to “put them in their place”. They speak two different languages; have very different ideas of what is “best for kids”.

    The communities can have the final word, if they want it.


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