Payroll and Priorities….. collects salary data for public employees and publishes it in a user-friendly manner.  Though the most recent salary data for Superintendents of K-12 schools is 2011 please note the reported salary for RSU #89 (before Katahdin joined RSU #50).

The salary for our own Superintendent’s predecessor, John Doe, is listed as $51,944.  Larry Malone commands $109,000.

When warned that such a sum would make people unhappy, Chairman Greg Ryan simply shrugged it off.

Down 14+ faculty/staff FTE since 2010, (available in the Budget/SY14 Annual Report)  courses, programs….. Please, Board members: please try and understand the feelings of anger over the loss to kids and burden on taxpayers; please don’t try and invalidate it.   Disagree, debate question…. but recognize the right of the community members you serve to do the same.

The attitude of Mr. Ryan toward community aspirations reflects a larger dysfunction in Board relations with the community.  Please understand that the budget votes represent a rejection of Board priorities, and not of kids.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mrs. Schmidt on her promotion.  She has resigned her principalship and will return to the classroom, where the real work of education lies.

Of course, if the linked infomration is incorrect, please contact the Maine Heritage Policy Center, and be sure to offer clarification here for the benefit of our readers:.

School Payroll – Note RSU 89

“For more than fifty years, America has been consolidating school districts and the main effect has been to replace educators with bureaucrats and wardens” ~Sam Smith


4 responses to “Payroll and Priorities…..

  1. After studying the user friendly link I see that John Doe was listed at 81,468 for 2010 and 51,944 for 2011… Terry Comeau 2008-2011 $32,500.. Interesting..


    • Your figures more closely match what I heard at the time, so, yes, it is interesting! It’s also why I asked our readers who are more knowledgeable about this than me for clarification. When you click on his name, you do see additional funds paid to him from a couple of towns in the district? Perhaps they compartmentalized some town contributions….? I don’t know… I doubt that the most accurate figure would satisfy many on this issue…. $109,000 is simply too much; unjustifiable by experience, and even competence as more experienced Superintendents – some of whom are readers here, are paid far less.


  2. Thank you, Lisa, for putting so much time into this research and for making it available to us! I would never know that it even existed! The numbers and the facts don’t lie. I hope the board has also researched this info so that they will make sound decisions at these next few meetings, based on what they know, not just what Larry recommends. Also, will the principal that covers KMHS get paid more money to do it? How is the board determining who it will be? Have they asked Chris if she is willing and what she recommends? Rumor has it, “Jon Porter is going to be the principal at KMHS because he knows what he’s doing……………..: I was not aware that this decision had been made, but this rumor came from a board member, we all know that rumors are just that!!??


    • I heard that same rumor about the Principal. How would that be any better. Just another yes man for Larry Malone. If that happens you can see how that would further the consolidation agenda. Chris Cunningham would be a wonderful choice.


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