Lessons from Lake Wobegon….

lakewobegon“…where all the women are strong, all the men good-looking, and all the children are above average.”

This is how master storyteller Garrison Keillor ends my favorite radio program, a “Prairie Home Companion, with “News From Lake Wobegon”.  

Clever quip?  …or is there a lesson here?  The Board made a decision, recently, to hold budget workshops in Island Falls, much to the dismay of Town officials from BOTH sides of the district.  Though is may seem minor when compared to other issues bungled by this Board, it highlights the difference between the way communities educate their children and the way regional Boards think.  

The most child-centered decisions are made closest to the child, and the RSU Law wiped out the Boards that were closest to them.  It also eliminated the most frugal and accountable governing body for which taxpayers could ask.  As no one building makes sense to everyone in the district, the Board moves meetings to a place that makes sense to no one.  

Though the RSU is a regional unit, a child is not.  How many other decisions have been made toward an average of all of our unique and precious children?  An “average child” who does not exist? 

Let’s bring the decision makers back into the sphere of children and taxpayers by pressing the Board to create and empower separate school committees as provided by existing law.  


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