Not So Fast…..


Objections to the Island Falls location for the next budget workshop has come under fire from towns on both sides of the district.  This sort of unity is nothing new, certainly, but is hard for the Board to ignore:


4 responses to “Not So Fast…..

  1. This is a waste of time [ budget work shop ] He says maybe a 1%
    increase, he still does not get it. Well maybe this will help, OCT. 2.
    instead of 10% cut,,,,, maybe a 15%.


    • What he doesn’t get is priorities. ….but his consolidation agenda depends on him not getting it.

      May the line to the microphone be out the door, at the next budget vote. That is where a lot of power lies


  2. concernedparentalso

    What, 15% now your talking.


    • What is wrong with this Supetintendent?! Does he even care at all about what the people think?! Keep voicing your opinions! Now is the time to speak up, or eventually this bully may drive us to having no school on the Katahdin side at all. Stand strong everyone!


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