RSU 50 In The News….

imageClick below to see WAGM’s coverage of RSU 50’s budget process….

WAGM TV Reports on RSU 50 Budget

“…Superintendent Malone thinks that consolidation could help…”


15 responses to “RSU 50 In The News….

  1. I watched this news cast. If someone outside our district watched this they would think it was all about Southern Aroostook. You saw nothing about Katahdin. Larry Malone is a liar, and should not be Superintendent ! He doesn’t care one bit about Katahdin! He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the but! I am disgusted!


    • He cares that Katahdin is open, and is determined to change that – as are those that hired him to shutter it….

      To allow a school to be governed by those who want it closed is to squander its potential to optimize educational opportunity for kids.

      The good news is, that communities need not allow it.


  2. You all know that everything that Malone is doing right now is leading us closer and closer to consolidation?? For months he has been trying to make the budget and issues with it look so bad that consolidation would be the only answer to make things better. Why can’t the board see this? Oh……… must be because they feel the same way as he does!? The latest issue with Schmidt’s resignation? Great for the budget, it is what we asked for: a decrease in administrative costs and fewer principals in the RSU. Now if we can keep Chris Cunningham as K-12 principal and keep us viable at Katahdin without the sharing of administration with SACHS, that would be a strong step towards us maintaining independence and identity. It does not sound like that is what Malone is supporting according to the Houlton Pioneer article. People need to talk with their board members and let them know what you will support, not just what Malone recommends.


  3. Is this the same board that was holding private meetings with out Mrs Lane. I got criticized when i said it was happening. They said it couldn’t be happening,,,,,,,,,,IT WAS. This board that was put in place by the people, they should ask mr malone for his resignation. The chair and vice chair need to go.


  4. I agree Chris Cunningham would be the person for the job if she wants it. She cares for our kids and is well respected in the community. She knows our community.If he cares about what the community actually wants this will be his next move. If different we will know he still isn’t listening and maybe a change at the top is just what we need after all.


    • Not only would it make more sense to have one principal covering two schools so close to each other, there is also the issue of trust. How can Jon Porter build trust with Katahdin communities when his intent to close Katahdin is no secret? His selection would be a mistake….

      Whatever her views on consolidation, Mrs. Cunningham’s committment to the welfare of kids is not in doubt.


  5. Yes i agree, chris would be it, the high school guidance has to go back to milliocket where she was fired. Berry can do both schools.


    • While guidance counselors are valuable; some ore than others certainly…. Look at how small, rural schools staff their institutions. They do have fewer guidance counselors…. They spend their money differently in any number if ways. The determination of this Board to have the bureaucracy of a large school is part if the problem, whether it is the skill set of the Superintendent that is lacking, or if it is strategic – to make small rural schools appear inviable.

      (Sigh) …and stop hiring people that others cast off!


  6. The law means nothing to these people. The dismissal if the girls’ soccer coach was not only demeaning in process, but also illegal by Mrs. Schmidt’s own admission.


  7. Guidance,,,,,,,,,,,Lets not forget,,,, the purpose of guidance was to get he or she ready for change into the new error of graduation. For college, for trade school, for stay at home mom, or a self owned business. This is where home eke comes in and shop, welding, and mechanics. Not washing feet, or sex education at a young years.


  8. I have seen a lot of comments and one thing that disgusts me is the lack of integrity by administration. From not being honest about their agenda, targeting people for their views, and dishonesty about the budget. Try cutting the amount of time you have teachers out of the classroom. That would be a great savings. How does that help our students? Stop tring to make people feel they are against kids, because they support cutting the budget. As far as the soccer position goes, you owe this person a direct answer. We will have to wait and hear if she gets one. Until people are willing to speak out against all the things going on in this district. That have no benefit to kids, we will be bullied by a superintendent that has no integrity. Where are you board? Are you paying any attention, or are you just upset that people are speaking out on this website. Last I knew people have the right to be heard. It doesn’t mean we will always agree. That is the beauty of living in a free society. Kids first not your agenda.


    • As for the soccer coach? She got a direct answer, and her views on budget issues, signing a parent petition about serious issues in her daughter’s classroom; her stance on school consolidation; even the letter her daughter wrote to the Pioneer….. ALL admitted to and cited by the principal herself and all wildly illegal! ….not to mention unethical.

      The failure of this Board to respect and even recognize the rights of the community, employees or not, to disagree, and further petition policy makers is unbelievable.

      If the principal did not know the impropriety of retaliating in this way, the Superintendent surely did.

      Perhaps they did not care? …or think that no one would call them out?

      They may have an out by calling it a one-year appointment, but considering the letter she signed in the Spring….

      Maybe their attorney will offer them a volume discount?

      Maybe not.

      Open your checkbook…..


  9. I will say something on this, and you can take it to heart. Mrs. smitt
    was not a player, but a fall person for him. He called it and she jumped. Do not go after her, she is a follower not a leader. I back this soccer coach all the way, and she should not let this go, we should back her all the way. Call him OUT.


  10. The reason i spell her name this way,,,,,,,,,, is that is the way i think of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Let me be perfectly clear, i will never, ever, let this go. What they did to the 9 grade this year was CRIMINAL. No ryan i did not have a child in that class or a relative. The high end students did not get recognized. Yes ryan, i do give a f- – k. You people need to GO.


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