The Superintendent On The Budget…

money-tree-2“…If this budget is validated on August 7th, the impact will require more sharing of staff, take a step closer to consolidation, directly impact various segments of our student population, and continue to foster unrest about the future of our district….”

Read the entire letter from Superintendent Larry Malone, here:

Budget Update – August 5 2014


9 responses to “The Superintendent On The Budget…

  1. This letter is great, vote no, these certain people all ready put the outs to one of there main players. it shows that they clearly just want trouble. they had a strong voice. vote no


    • So, vote “no” and then what?

      “These people” demonstrated their commitment to a child-centered budget last Spring when they dug deep and voted to fund two slashed faculty positions – on top of the money they already struggled to provide. Would they have yanked those dollars from Administration, Management, Consultants, Edu-products and Gurus if they could? Yes! ….and that is exactly what they are trying to do now. The “trouble”; the vitriol, has come largely from the Board to the community – not the other way around. What “they want” is to STOP the “trouble” that comes with divestment from kids and school closure.

      I know they were accused of “hurting kids” but I find that accusation mindlessly simplistic and just plain asinine.

      I have no idea to which “player” you refer, but this is not a game.


      • You are absolutely right! People are not trying to stir up trouble, they care about kids. The money is just being poorly spent! Why should people be made to feel like they are against kids, and that kids will lose programming. That is a scare tactic. When did it be a climate that we can’t disagree. There is a good reason for the distrust on part of the people of various communities. The Superintendent should be upfront and honest about the direction he wants to take our district. Honest dialogue and communication is very important.

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    • Hey PK, I have known you for years. I am horrified and shocked at your behavior and statements. You are a voted in official who was voted in to stand up for your students and parents. Sounds to me you need to go back and reassess your values as they have obviously changed over the years. That is sad and for you to not realize it is even sadder. I am absolutely astonished to hear of the dismissal of your middle school girls coach and the way it was handled by the district. Where is the support for this coach who was well respected by the parents and players? This Coach was highly respected by other schools as well. Go back to values and realize that being a high powered bully is not the way you were brought up. No one likes a bully!!!!!!


  2. pk is this the type of government you think we should all live by? People speak out, try to right the wrongs that have been going on in this school district for the sake of kids and taxpayers, and they get “outed” !!???? Where are our American rights?? School board members are voted in by the citizens. Then when the citizens try and communicate with the board, they are “outed!!?? Do you have any idea how asinine this is?? These people should be respected for trying to make a difference and wrong some rights in fairness of educating our kids and in fairness to our citizens and taxpayers. Instead, you continue the wrongs – “outing” a coach that is well respected by her players and parents and has given of herself to this school’s athletic program. Mind you, without even DISCUSSING THIS WITH HER PRIOR TO THE “OUTING” and letting her hear this news from someone else!!!! Seriously who in their right mind and with good leadership and communication skills would let this happen!? It is time for you and other board members to take a long hard look at what is going on and realize that there are poor leadership and communication skills with an administration that treats people this way!! I apologize if this is rambling, but I am dumbfounded and appalled at the behavior and handling of these situations! This administration is paid high salaries and more should be expected of them than this and you continue to support their poor decisions and leadership! These “people” are not speaking out because they want “trouble”! Believe me we have a lot more to do with our time than cause or want trouble, but we do believe in wanting what’s best for our kid’s education and know that there is a lot not right within the RSU 50 system right now!! You all want us to just give up so you can continue on patting an administration on the back that is pulling big money from our taxes and cheating our kids with their lack of leadership and communication. If you are p.k. who I think you are, you KNOW BETTER THAN THIS! You know that things are not as they should be!


    • Wow PK, this seems a little bit like a dictatorship to me. Is that what you want? Only voices that agree with the poor choices being made be heard. Remind me again what country we live in. You are sad, when you try to shut down people’s right to be heard no matter what the opinions are. Pathetic !!!!


  3. Tough times go away, TOUGH PEOPLE DO NOT.

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    • Whatever the referendum results, the tough people know it marks the beginning of a fight; not the end.

      Many thanks to you and everyone determined to help our kids and taxpayers through these tough times.


  4. Thank YOU and timber for what you have done. In a way it is a win. They showed there true colors, people have to see. Have a good one.


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